Maria Menounos Flaunts Amazing ‘Hidden Shorts’ Look During Heatwave

Maria Menounos looks absolutely amazing while bemoaning the weird period between summer and fall, and she took full advantage.

Maria Menounos Flaunts Amazing ‘Hidden Shorts’ Look During Heatwave

Maria Menounos knows how to keep Instagram on its toes. The 43-year-old media personality and podcast host still had fans getting over her recent bikini shots when she updated in a short shorts look – while the outfit wasn’t anything outside of the ordinary, a snappy caption jazzed things up.

Menounos, who boasts 966,000 followers and seemingly knows that not every celebrity Insta post needs to be a designer one, updated shouting a brand most people can afford – H&M.

Maria Menounos Stuns In Chilled Out ‘Transitional’ Wear

Scroll for the photos. Menounos alerted her followers to a “not quite fall” situation as she said: “I think this is what they call transitional wear?” The former E! News face, making 2021 headlines for a double-whammy of Live! With Kelly and Ryan fill-ins, stunned fans while seated on a white-painted bench and amid crazy-paved terrace flooring.

Wearing barely-visible black shorts and a huge, oversized white shirt – plus sneakers and a statement black hat – Menounos sent out her toned and tan legs, plus her smile – similar manifested with a swipe right.

See The Snaps Below

The Dunkin’ Donuts promo face added: “Not quite summer not quite fall? Oversized white shirt with hidden shorts, a felt hat to pretend it’s not 100 degrees here and my favorite vans. Quote the cheap look might add as it’s all @hm (minus the shoes)…where do you all like to shop? Share below!”

The post quickly gained a like from fellow casual attire lover, 30-year-old Netflix star Jamie Lynn Spears. “Omg those shoes!” one fan replied – and they weren’t alone in gushing over the footwear.

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Minty-Green Sweats With Kind Words

Menounos had likewise delighted her fans back in early September with an ab-flashing and outdoor shot as she posed in minty-green sweatpants and a crop top. Here, the star sent a “friendly reminder” to be both kind “to yourself and others today.” Maria Menounos, who continues to grieve the loss of mom Litsa after losing her to both brain cancer and COVID this year, has been spreading positivity amid her bereavement journey.

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Stunning with her ripped abs on show and while in an open denim jacket, the star wrote:

“You never know what someone is going through in life…and as for you-you know what’s going on-so be nice to yourself! We all have challenges we are faced with everyday [sic]. It’s counterproductive to add to it by beating yourself up.”

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Drinking Jose Cuervo Can Help Fight Climate Change And Water Shortages

Drinking tequila has never been so good for the environment.

Drinking Jose Cuervo Can Help Fight Climate Change And Water Shortages

The Jose Cuervo family has cared for the agave fields of Tequila, Mexico for 10 generations. Their dedication and efforts have led to the creation of the world’s number one, 100% agave tequila, Jose Cuervo. 

Without the agave, there’s no such thing as tequila. That is why over 20 years ago, the Jose Cuervo brand made the decision to reuse, recycle, and repurpose every single part of the agave plant. And it’s with this initiative that Jose Cuervo tequila is changing the world around us.

What Is Agave?

We all know what tequila is, but what about agave?

Agave is a genus of the Asparagaceae family native to places like Mexico and the Caribbean. The blue agave plant and the Agave americana is also the source for agave nectar—the sweetener used in tequila. 

All parts of the agave plant can be used, but rarely do you see more than the nectar being promoted, thus leading to Jose Cuervo’s sustainability initiative. 

Jose Cuervo’s Sustainability Efforts

Jose Cuervo owns the largest acreage of agave fields in Mexico. The brand knew if they wanted to preserve the agave plant for the future of Tequila and help our world, they needed to change their production procedures.

That’s why the tequila mogul became the first ever brand to compost the fibers of the agave byproduct in 2019 when they announced The Agave Project—an initiative spearheading the company’s long-term commitment to agave as well as the people and land of Tequila, Mexico. 

Jose Cuervo’s first task under this initiative was to create a biodegradable, agave-based drinking straw, made from upcycled agave. The brand partnered with scientists at BioSolutions Mexico and the production team at Mexico-based PENKA to do so.

Jose Cuervo Agave Bar
(Jose Cuervo)

This project led to a full-circle effect where they repurposed waste and replaced up to 30% of regular plastic in consumption of tequila, as said in a statement shared by the brand. 

In 2021, the brand brought the importance of the straws back and encouraged consumers to purchase them in celebration of National Tequila Day, leading to a more sustainable day across the country.   

And beyond the above endeavors, the brand has also used agave byproducts to create bricks, car parts and more.

The Bar Tequila Made

Now, in the summer of 2021, the tequila brand is upping their reuse, repurpose, and recycle game by creating the first ever bar that tequila made.

The Jose Cuervo Agave Bar is a limited time experience showcasing the many ways agave can be used. It’s based on the AKAMBA Festival, a music festival in Tequila, Mexico, that strives to treat the world more sustainably through art, music, spirits and cuisine. While the experience is currently available in Los Angeles, California, it will be traveling to different parts of the country later this year. 

Having visited the opening of Jose Cuervo’s Agave Bar myself, I can attest to the brand’s breakthrough thinking. From agave-made chairs and cocktails to temporary tattoos and cutlery, Jose Cuervo is showcasing their lifelong commitment to sustainability.   

Jose Cuervo Agave Bar
(Jose Cuervo)

What This Means For Climate Change

Beyond taking responsibility for their production and doing their part in the tequila industry, Jose Cuervo is also aiding in the fight for a better tomorrow.

This is made possible because of the reduced carbon footprint agave-based biomaterials poses when compared to oil-based plastics. The agave plant captures carbon dioxide and holds it within the plant, thus minimizing greenhouse gas emissions.

This is huge, as greenhouse gases are responsible for climate change, which can lead to food supply disruptions, increased wildfires, intense droughts, rising sea levels, heat waves, and more. 

How It Fights Against Water Shortages

Loads of water are also unnecessary for the agave plant to grow. All the plant needs is natural rainwater, which significantly lowers the agave plant’s water footprint. That is the total amount of freshwater used to produce goods or services we use.  

A lower water footprint means strategically using our limited freshwater resources—something that is a must if we want to preserve our world.  

Jose Cuervo Agave Bar
(Jose Cuervo)

Jose Cuervo has already given us a delicious reason to support their tequila for years, and now, they just added fighting for a sustainable future to the list. And if that’s not enticing enough, I don’t know what is.   

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