Masked Singer: Rhino Revealed to Be Former Giants Pitcher Barry Zito

Rhino was revealed to be former Giants pitcher Barry Zito on Wednesday's episode of The Masked Singer, and now there are only three singers left.

Masked Singer: Rhino Revealed to Be Former Giants Pitcher Barry Zito

Rhino was revealed to be former Giants pitcher Barry Zito on Wednesday's episode of The Masked Singer. The final performance from Rhino, "Humble and Kind" by Tim McGraw, wasn't enough to advance another round.

Zito was one of the harder guesses to make. Judge Jenny McCarthy-Wahlberg was the first to predict Rhino was Zito. There was one clue that had a map of Missouri with a crown. His wife was Miss Missouri. Rhino also spoke of being a "giant." The audience may not have been thinking of baseball at the time, because that can refer to many different things. His former roommate talked about surfing, and this checked out, since he went to college at University of California, Santa Barbara and University of Southern California. One of the clues, 75 cents, was a nod to his number during his playing career. He used baseball phrases in other clues, like saying, "just a bit outside" and remarking he did not "enjoy long walks by the water." He mentioned "crashing and burning" and "hitting rock bottom" which pointed to his downfall during Zito's baseball career. In addition to "Humble and Kind," Zito performed "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" by Righteous Brothers and "Tracks of My Tears" by Smokey Robinson.

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Jenny and Ken Jeong guessed Rhino was Zito, while Nicole Sherzinger predicted Rhino was Jason Aldean. Guest judge Jay Pharoah assumed Zito was Blake Shelton. Robin Thicke took a stab at Trace Adkins. It was a compliment to Zito that he was mistaken for so many country stars. In addition to the incorrect guesses from Wednesday, Rhino was also confused for singers Vince Gill and Sam Hunt, as well as Derek Jeter, Tim Tebow and David Hasselhoff. Zito told Variety of the wrong predictions, "These are all super entertaining, they’re guessing these things and I’m in the costume, just laughing onstage when they’re throwing these names out.”

Zito hopes that his appearance on The Masked Singer helps his music career. He said to Variety, he plans on coming out with music "that is different sonically, a little more electronic, a little more poppy, but still with that songwriting heartbeat underneath. I’m super excited to really have more control sonically of what’s happening.”

Now, only three contestants remain. Night Angel, Turtle and Frog are still in the competition, and our expert has figured out the best attempt at who each of them are under the costume. We'll have to wait until next week to find out for sure.

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The Masked Singer: Semi-Finals Predictions & Clues Explained

With only one week to go until the finale, The Masked Singer gave fans lots of clues to help identify the final three on a night when Rhino went home.

The Masked Singer: Semi-Finals Predictions & Clues Explained

With only one week to go until the finale, The Masked Singer competition was fierce but it was time for one more performer to go home. Most fans are confident in the identities of the final three performers but there were plenty of new clues just in case anyone had any remaining doubts.

All four of these performers have devoted fans that think they should win but only three can make it to the finale.  The social media chatter seems to slightly favor Turtle for the ultimate winner this season, but we've learned with this show you never know what is going to happen. Tonight it was Rhino who rode off into the sunset. His identity we've predicted since his first performance. Rhino was revealed to be former Major League Baseball star Barry Zito. Judge Ken Jeong got close with a previous clue that he tied to the TV show JAG. While he guessed the wrong person, the clue connection was correct. This week he seemed to remember that Zito had appeared on JAG. He even knew what season and episode making him potentially the biggest JAG fan ever.

Guest judge Jay Pharoah joined the celebrity panelists this week and it proved to be a great addition. While the panelists have named our predictions for Night Angel and Turtle in the past few weeks, they seemed to have struggled much more with identifying Frog. Despite getting very close with the Omarion guess, they never seemed to get it right. Jay Pharoah changed that this week when he said he grew up with Frog and knows that is Bow Wow. Finally! We've predicted Frog as Bow Wow all season and the clues tonight helped further confirm that we, and Pharoah, are right. All of the new clues lined up with previous predictions, meaning we've had these three pegged for a long time.

Prediction: Kandi Burruss

Clues: Night Angel said that years ago someone closed to her passed. This led to her costume choice because she said she feels she has her own guardian angel. The visual clues were a soccer ball and a football. The opening number bonus clue was "football." The post-performance clue was a sparkly moon pin.

Fans of the star remember the shocking death of her fiance A.J. Jewell. This tragic event is clearly what Night Angel was referring to. The moon pin is for Rasheeda's song "Legs To The Moon" featuring Kandi. Burruss is a well-known fan football and soccer fan and even her young son has been seen at a Major League Soccer game and playing his own first game of flag football. There is no question that Night Angel is former Xscape member Kandi Burruss.

Prediction: Jesse McCartney

Clues: Turtle said panelist Robin Thicke's falsetto inspired his own and that he was moved by the kind words he gets from him every week because he was his childhood idol. The visual clues were a "back" street sign, turtles trailer, and what looked like a bellboy cap. The opening number bonus clue was "photo album." The post-performance clue was an engagement ring.

The bellboy cap could mean various things but many fans of Jesse McCartney were also fans of the show Suite Life of Zach and Cody which involved them living in a hotel. Not surprisingly the then teen heartthrob appeared on the show in an event that was heavily promoted to fans of both the show and McCartney. The engagement ring references his recent engagement, which has been referenced in previous clue packages. While Backstreet Boys was the intended clue, it isn't because Turtle was a member of that band but rather because McCartney toured with them. This week's clues just prove what fans already know, Frog is Beautiful Soul singer Jesse McCartney.

Prediction: Bow Wow

Clues: Frog's clue package showed men playing basketball and talked about a slam dunk. Visual clues included Frog being struck by lightning, the number 1000, and some hair rollers. He mentioned haters kept him down and also his tadpole referring to her as she. The opening number performance clue was "hat." The post-performance clue was a pin that said "mom."

Frog's clue package was a lot more clues that pointed to some things we saw in previous packages. More basketball clues for this movie Like Mike, which also explains the lightning as his character in that movie was struck by lightning. His tadpole is, of course, Bow Wow's adorable daughter. The mom pin would be for Bow Wow's mother Teresa Caldwell, with whom he is very close. In 2015, Bow Wow revealed he still lived with his mother, something he was shamed for, which could also explain the hater comments. And while Mother's Day happened after this was taped, it's worth noting that he just bought his mother a $100,000 car for Mother's Day. Now that's a gift.

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The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8pm EST on Fox.

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