Mass Effect Offers All Deluxe Content From 2 & 3 For Free

For a limited time, EA is allowing fans to download all of the previously released Deluxe Edition content from Mass Effect 2 and 3 for free.

Through its official website, Electronic Arts is allowing fans to download all previously released bonus content included in the Deluxe Editions for 2 and 3. The release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is nearly upon us; as such, new details are beginning to surface more frequently. A few days ago, for example, a patch via PlayStation servers revealed the will receive an 11GB update on day one.

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition as a whole should prove a major release for longtime fans and newcomers alike. All three titles in the space opera's original trilogy are receiving boosts that will bring them up to speed in terms of modern standards. Players can anticipate 4K visuals, then, along with 60fps capabilities, and much faster loading times. The Legendary Edition will also boast texture and light enhancements for all three entries. BioWare made sure to focus on improvements to skin, hair, and eye shaders, too. Of course,  original installment is benefiting the most, but its sequels are the highlight of EA's latest news blast.

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The Electronic Arts website currently features a 1.7GB download that anyone can access for free. Notably, the file houses all of the bonus content from Mass Effect 2's and 3's Deluxe Editions, including 88 music tracks, two PDF art books, the Normandy digital lithograph, and two of Dark Horse's limited edition digital comics - Mass Effect: Redemption #1 and Mass Effect: Invasion #1. EA even implemented the first Mass Effect soundtrack and the Legendary Edition's new tune, "Resynthesis." The free promotion will either come to an end on May 31, 2021 or once the "download capacity is reached."

This is no doubt a great offer for those who don't otherwise have access to the previously released bonuses for Mass Effect 2 and 3. Make no mistake, though, the Legendary Edition comes with special items of its own, namely in the form of .

The $150 collector's edition doesn't package in an actual copy of the game, but customers are treated to a whole host of other goodies. A key art metal case, 1:1 scale replica of Shepard's helmet, canvas art print, Paragon/Renegade spinner pin, and N7 acceptance letter all feature in the bundle.

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Mass Effect: Legendary Edition launches digitally and at retail for PC, PS4, and Xbox One on May 14.

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Spider-Man's Kingpin Once Went to War with Werewolf Drug Lords

Marvel Comics villain Kingpin has committed many criminal acts, but starting a drug war against werewolves might be his most ambitious.

There’s no doubt that Wilson Fisk, aka the Kingpin has his fingers in many pies, most of them terribly unsavory, but he’s probably the only comic book villain to fight a drug war against werewolves.

Eduardo and Carlos Lobo first appeared in comic books back in the weird and wacky time of 1988. Arriving in Texas in time to stop a gang war and establish their drug cartel, the brotherswho are occasionally referred to as Los Hermanos de la Lunahad more than just power and charisma going for them. Thanks to their mutant powers, the two drug lords were also werewolves.

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Their South Texas drug empire wasn’t about to stay peaceful or untouched, however. In 1988’s Spectacular Spider-Man #143, New York’s Kingpin gets wind of the Lobos’ criminal doings down south and, like any megalomaniac hungry for power, he gets paranoid. Through some convoluted comic book storytelling, Punisher is captured, brainwashed, and brought to Texas to murder the Lobos brothers, who Kingpin has begun to perceive as a threat to his own criminal empire. The attempt fails when Spider-Man interferes, leaving Carlos wounded. Instead of going into hiding, the brothers take the fight to Kingpin.

What starts with the grisly murder of a single drug runner and a message written in the man’s blood, reading “Wolves Bite Back,” quickly escalates. The Lobos attack more of Kingpin’s men, slaughtering them in a subway and leaving just a single man clinging to life, before finally turning their attention towards the Kingpin himself, Wilson Fisk. The assassination is foiled thanks to a dummy of Kingpin, but only after the werewolves kill all his guards. Let it never be said that Kingpin isn’t a savvy businessman. Knowing when to take the L, he arranges a meeting with the lycanthropic brothers to make a deal. The meeting is attacked, however, leaving Eduardo dead.

There’s a lot to unpack with the wolfy, drug-running duo, from the tendency of '80s comics to cast Latinx characters as criminals to the very strange choice to make them werewolves as a superpower. The characters, however, are certainly worthy of some attentiona fact that comic writers apparently agreed with when Carlos Lobo reappeared in comics run, along with a new character, his sister Esmerelda “Esme” Lobo. The sister shared Carlos and the deceased Eduardo Lobo’s superpower of turning into a werewolf and all the perks that come with it.

Comics have seen some strange villains in the decades since they rose in popularity, and werewolves barely scratch the surface. It is, however, delightful to imagine Kingpin looking down on a small lycanthropic drug cartel and thinking to himself, “Yeah, I can fight them.

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