Meghan Markle In ‘Lonely Downward Spiral,’ Prince Harry Relishing ‘New Life’ Without Her And More Royal Gossip

It’s been yet another wild week for the British royal family. Let’s break down all the most scandalous happenings.

Meghan Markle In ‘Lonely Downward Spiral,’ Prince Harry Relishing ‘New Life’ Without Her And More Royal Gossip

It’s been yet another wild week for the British royal family according to this week’s tabloids. Let’s break down all the most scandalous happenings.

Last week, it was revealed that a high-ranking aide to Prince Charles resigned amid allegations that he participated in a cash-for-honors scheme. Now Queen Elizabeth is reportedly planning to punish her eldest son and heir to the throne on account of the scandal. 

Another royal troublemaker, Meghan Markle, has apparently entered into a “lonely downward spiral” after facing several A-list snubs. 

In the meantime, Markle’s husband, Prince Harry has been enjoying his “new life” without her now that the two aren’t “joined at the hip” like they used to be, one outlet reported. 

We won’t waste another moment. Let’s dive right into this week’s hottest, most salacious royal gossip.

Queen Elizabeth’s Dynamite Reaction To Prince Charles’ Charity Scandal

Prince Charles in a blue suit with Queen Elizabeth outdoors
(Jack Hill – WPA Pool/Getty Images)

According to a report out of the National Enquirer, Queen Elizabeth is so furious over a recent cash for honors scandal connected to one of Prince Charles’ charities that she’s planning to cut him from the line of succession. “Frankly, it seems Charles is willing to do anything for money. That makes him vulnerable to being caught in another scandal if he becomes king,” a snitch told the outlet.

Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker-Bowles’ reaction to the news she might not be queen can be read here.

Meghan Markle In ‘Lonely Downward Spiral’ After A-List Snubs?

Meghan Markle in a blue outfit outdoors
(Chris Jackson/Getty Images)

Another report from the Enquirer says Meghan Markle is feeling lower than ever after her attempts to infiltrate A-list society resulted in snubs. Markle is apparently still smarting over not being invited to Barack Obama’s star-studded birthday party and has realized that she doesn’t even have a best friend anymore. 

How does her husband Prince Harry fit into Markle’s “spiral” of loneliness? Click here to find out.

Prince Harry Relishing ‘New Life Without Meghan?’

Prince Harry in a blue shirt smiling
(Kevin Winter/Getty Images for Global Citizen VAX LIVE)

A report out of WHO claims Prince Harry has finally settled into American life, and his newfound contentment is a direct result of spending less time with his wife. Now that he’s not “joined at the hip” to Markle, he’s been able to get the “first taste of freedom” since he moved to LA. 

Click here to find out exactly which outing led to Harry’s newfound sense of freedom, and how Meghan Markle is reacting. 

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