Melbourne receives biggest October downpour in ten years

Widespread falls in Victoria saw Melbourne cop a drenching with the city receiving its biggest October downpour in ten years. While storms gave Queensland it's first spring soaking.

Melbourne receives biggest October downpour in ten years

Melbourne copped a drenching overnight with the city receiving its biggest October downpour in ten years.

Melbourne recorded 36mm of rain in 24 hours, while the highest falls in the state were at Mount Hotham which got 63mm in the gauges.

It wasn't enough to keep people indoors though, with many still making the most of the day and puddles turning parks into the perfect playground for kids.

There were 191 call outs to the SES, many of those for fallen trees

"Much of the state did see the rain and there weren't many places that missed out," senior forecaster Thomas Delamotte told 9News.

In the past 24 hours the SES received 191 call outs for assistance, 56 of those were for fallen trees, 37 for building damage and 29 were for flooding.

Most of the state will be dry for the end of the weekend but those in the east aren't going to dry off just yet, with more showers forecast for Sunday.

Meanwhile further up north, the southeast of the Sunshine State copped a drenching in Queensland's first spring soaking of the year.

Melbourne has copped a drenching overnight, with the city receiving the biggest October downpour in ten yearsQueensland’s first Spring soaking of the year

Storm fronts rolled in from the west with St George, Roma and Toowoomba first in the line of storms.

The downpour came and went and came back again, smashing Brisbane before hitting the Gold Coast.

Falls of around 20mm were seen on the Sunshine Coast and on the Gold Coast, while the city recorded 30mm in the gauges, although some areas got far greater than that.

The Gabba copped 50mm in a short space of time ahead of the AFL Grand Final but the rain eased just in time for the first bounce.

The clearing weather will only be a short reprieve with heavy rain back on the forecast tomorrow and the wet weather here to stay for the week.

The Gabba before the 2020 AFL grand final
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