Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

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Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius

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The first Mercury Retrograde of 2021 commences on January 30th and lasts until February 20th/21st in Aquarius. The pre-retrograde story began on January 15th. Go back in time to that date and reflect on the energy that was brewing then. That’s the vibe we’ll be dealing with for the whole planetary backspin. The post retroshade zone will end on March 13th.

During this time, we’ll have the opportunity to analyze past matters and relationships from a different perspective. Technology will be especially tricky and endure meltdowns, as Aquarius is the sign of innovation and computers. Be careful of the information that’s being shared, as there may be information missing. And, find a moment in the day to reduce anxiety. This planetary moonwalk will make everyone feel as though they are on edge. 

Here are the key aspects being made by Mercury Retrograde:

February 8th

The Sun and Mercury Retrograde link up at the same degree and sign, creating an aspect called “cazimi.” This is the sweet spot of the retrograde. It means that the Sun is giving power to Mercury to perform better and brighter, as it’s “in the heart of the Sun.”

February 10th

Mercury Retrograde squares Mars, creating arguments and frustrations. Mercury retrograde connects with the Nodes of Destiny, making decisions and connections seem fated. 

February 13th

Mercury Retrograde and Venus form a conjunction with each other, giving us the opportunity to reflect on matters of the heart and money. 

February 14th

Mercury Retrograde and Jupiter join forces that will expand our minds, words, and feelings. 

Witchtips for Mercury Retrograde

Mindful Meditation

Take a few breaths every morning and meditate to set an intention for the day. You’ll be able to avoid drama, find your center, maintain balance, and think rationally as a result. 

Crystal Care

Amethyst, Aventurine, and Hematite will aid in mental clarity, anxieties, and balancing energies. 

Add Zest To Your Water.

Citrus Mercury’s signature flavor. Add a zest or squeeze some citrus in your water to protect your communication during the retrograde.

Candle Magic

Light a blue candle for healing, white candle for protection, or yellow candle for clear communication. This will help you work through the tense energy. 

Cleanse Your Space

Sage your space, car, and technological devices to ensure that you are able to stay afloat during this planetary moonwalk. 

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