Mercury Retrograde In Gemini 2021

Mercury Retrograde In Gemini 2021

Mercury Retrograde In Gemini 2021

Here we are again, at the impalas of another Mercury retrograde. This time around, Mercury will be moonwalking in the air sign Gemini. From May 29th to June 22nd, Mercury will be reawakening the past and wanting to stir up trouble. Fortunately, we composed a list of tips and dates for you to watch out for.

Key Dates For Mercury Retrograde:

  • May 14th is when Mercury first entered the degrees it will be traveling over during the retrograde, known as the pre-shadow phase. This is when the story that will unfold during Mercury retrograde began.

  • Mercury retrograde commences on May 29th and aligns with Venus in Gemini. This will make us reflective over past loves and old friends, as well as making us second guess financial investments.

  • June 5th brings a square between Mercury retrograde in Gemini and Neptune, who’s in Pisces. Emotions, paranoia, and exhaustion will run deep. Try to relax.

  • The solar eclipse in Gemini on June 10th will connect with Mercury retrograde. June 10th is the sweet spot of the retrograde, as Mercury is in the heart of the Sun. In order to move forward, we’ll have to heal some of our deepest wounds. This is gonna sting a little. But, it’s imperative to tend and discuss our sentiments. 

  • Mercury retrograde ends on June 22nd.

  • The post-retrograde shadow (known as Retroshade) lasts until July 7th. Will be going through the same energies and stories that began during the pre-retrograde shadow and May 14th for a third time. 

Magical Tips To Survive And Thrive During Mercury Retrograde:

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  • Place fresh or dried lavender in the corner of the room where you keep your technological devices. Lavender is the flower and scent associated with Gemini, which will help remedy any Mercurial mishaps. 

  • Citrus is the essence of Mercury, which is why it’ll do us all good to cool down in a lemon balm bath or shower. Even ingesting water with fresh lemon squeezed into it will help soothe Mercurial missteps. 

  • Being that Mercury retrograde is retrograde in an air sign and anxieties will be high, mediation will act as a grounding force and aid in relation. 

  • Place smoky quartz crystals on your electronic devices to ensure they aren’t susceptible to any issues. Cleanse them daily with crystals.

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The total lunar eclipse in Sagittarius occurs today May 26th, awakening our minds and hearts. The next day, Venus, who’s in Gemini, and Neptune, who’s in Pisces, square off and creates soupy emotions. Mercury retrograde begins on May 29th in Gemini and aligns with Venus the same day, urging us to assess relationships and financial planning. The Gemini Sun and the North Node of Destiny link up on May 31st, bringing us fated connections and information. Mars, who’s in Cancer, harmonizes with Neptune, who’s in Pisces, on May 31st. It’s a great day to slow down and rest. Our minds will be on overload, which is why it’s the perfect time to focus on healing ourselves.


The lesson to be learned this week is that you don’t need to have the last word to prove your point. Choosing kindness instead of anger to express yourself will be a better path to choose. Remember, you can attract more bees and get what you truly want with honey.


Money comes, money goes. Planning ahead for a rainy day is hard, but necessary to make sure that you never run out of funding for your indulgences. Although thinking about the future is super stressful, it’s important for your lifestyle and well being to be on top of your finances.


Always a busy bee, you’re working on overdrive to ensure all of your tasks get gone. However, there never is enough time in the day to take care of everything. Don’t stress over the work you haven’t done. Focus on taking care of business and completing projects you’re working on.


Your emotions are more intense than usual, which is why focusing on remedying and healing trauma or pain is important. Step away from the limelight and give yourself more TLC than usual. If your energies are solely on yourself, then you can feel better faster and connect to your heart.


Your learning the true meaning of friendship this week, which will juxtapose with the foundation you’ve built with others. Seeing people for who they are will shake your core up.  Before leaving a relationship, make sure you’re ok with it ending. Once it’s over, there really is no turning back.


An old opportunity is coming your way, making you rethink the direction of your career and goals. You can use this to your advantage, if you allow yourself to incorporate all the ideas into one big novel plan to elevate your professional aspirations. The world is yours for the taking!


It’s ok to get lost in a dream, as long as you are aware that you’re day tripping can be used to create something beautiful. Let your talents and artistry guide you towards making a soulful masterpiece that everyone can find pleasure in. Your work and wisdom will inspire others.


As a transformative sign, you are always able to evolve with the times and become a better version of yourself. Change is harder than ever for you. The issue is that you’re experiencing confusion and inertia — which is causing anxiety. Take a beat and move at a slower pace.


There is a lot of confusion as to what you want to commit to. The simple answer is that you need to take a step back and think about what energy you’re craving in your life. Then, you can start to move towards what you love and desire without regret.


Your daily routine has become very stressful, as you are currently taking on more work than usual and allowing annoyances to run deep. Stop getting emotionally invested in situations that last a few minutes. Take a deep breathe and let all the chatter go. Focus on the big picture only.


An old flame is emerging back into your life. The caveat is that you’re not ready to rush towards reviving the relationship. Before responding, think about whether or not you want to reopen that door. It may be best to wish them well and not engage on a deep level.


Being nostalgic is a great way to reflect, but it doesn’t mean you should stay lost in the past. Instead of holding onto memories and working that you could live them out now, give it love then let it go. Honor these moments, but do not actively live in yesteryear.

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