‘My 600-Lb Life’: Where Is Lindsey Witte Now?

Find out the lastest in the life of Lindsey Witte from TLC's 'My 600-Lb Life.'

‘My 600-Lb Life’: Where Is Lindsey Witte Now?
Lindsey Witte on 'My 600-Lb Life'

When it comes to the participants on My 600-Lb Life, there have been heroes (Amber Rachdi), villains (we’re looking at you, Steven Assanti), and everything in between. Last season, Lindsey Witte was the underdog viewers were rooting for. Find out what brought her to the show and what she looks like (and weighs) today.

Lindsey Witte Starred In Season 8 Of ‘My 600-Lb Life’

TLC viewers were introduced to Lindsey Witte in January 2020 on Season 8, Episode 2 of My 600-Lb Life. At the time, the 39-year-old Iowa native weighed a whopping 648 pounds. Her food addiction was slowly chipping away at her relationships and well-being; her husband Paul’s alcohol consumption only added to her stress. In one particular low point, the world watched as a bag of chips threatened to destroy her marriage.

Linsdey was always upfront about how hard it was to stick to her diet. In one scene, she caved in to her cravings and asked her husband for snacks. Paul threw them at her in a moment of frustration.

“You know, what this is right here? All these little things right here in this bag, it’s considered death, Lindsey,” he said. “And you’re killing yourself with his bulls–t and I’m not f–king sticking around for it.”

Lindsey hit rock bottom and sought refuge at her friend Irene’s home in Texas, where she stuck with an eating plan and exercise regimen. After losing 131 pounds in nine months, she was approved by the show’s resident medical expert, Dr. Now, for gastric bypass surgery. Watch her journey in this clip:

Lindsey Faced A Difficult Road Ahead On The Show

Dr. Now explained that approval for gastric bypass was conditional; Lindsey had to lose an additional 40 pounds, otherwise the procedure would be canceled.

Issues on the homefront made reaching this goal all the more challenging. Lindsey often argued with her husband and was just as concerned about his drinking as she was her own health. In one scene, she confronts him about alcohol purchases made on their credit card while she’s away.

“You need to hold your end of the bargain,” she tells him. “If I come back at the end of the year and nothing has changed with you, do you know how heartbroken I’m going to be? … I just want the best for you.”

Lindsey Witte talking to Dr. Now on 'My 600-Lb Life.'

Lindsey made good on her end, saying, “I was really worried and scared this whole time that I couldn’t do it and that I’d fail. But I feel really encouraged with the progress I made and I know I can do it now.”  By the end of the season, she dropped a total of 173 pounds. Her final weight was 438 pounds, down from 647.

Where Is Lindsey Witte Now?

Lindsey Witte on 'My 600-Lb Life'

When it comes to keeping the weight off, Lindsey knows the importance of accountability. On Christmas Eve of 2019 she established Second Chance Success, a Facebook group that allows viewers to track her post-reality show progress. 

The group has over 6,000 members, and if you happen to be one of them, you know that Lindsey has continued to shed weight. These days she looks nothing like the woman we saw at the start of her journey.

“I’ve been working really hard to banish this monster forever,” she wrote shortly before her episode aired. “Turning to counseling, healthy options instead of unhealthy ones, and knowing food is fuel not something you turn to for comfort no matter how hard it gets.”

The last time we see her on TV, Dr. Now makes her commit to receiving therapy. He believes her emotional baggage must be addressed in order to keep up the good work. His advice was priceless because Lindsey is the healthiest and most positive she’s been in years. She’s unafraid to share her small victories with the world—even if it’s something as simple as being able to shave her legs again.

We wish her continued success as she adopts healthier habits and reclaims her life.

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