New Falcon & Winter Soldier Teaser Highlights Sharon Carter’s Return

The latest spot for Marvel Studios' The Falcon and the Winter Soldier highlights Sharon Carter's return in the MCU since Captain America: Civil War.

New Falcon & Winter Soldier Teaser Highlights Sharon Carter’s Return

The latest TV spot for showcases the return of Sharon Carter. Last seen in Captain America: Civil War, Agent 13 will be on the run from the government in the upcoming Marvel Studios show following the re-enactment of the Sokovia Accords. She last aided Steve Rogers during the whole debacle by sneaking out his shield and Sam's wings just before the battle in Germany.

In less than two weeks, the MCU will return to Disney+ to start a brand new narrative following . Unlike its predecessor, however, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier will be a more grounded story focusing on Sam's journey to claiming his rightful place as the next Captain America as he is Steve's chosen successor. As such, the show will deal with the legacy of the superhero identity intertwined with issues about race that will reflect real-world issues. Aside from Sharon, the project will also mark the return of Baron Zemo,  his first appearance back in the MCU since Civil War, as well as, War Machine.

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While the footage has been shown before, the freshly-released trailer for the Marvel Studios endeavor focuses on Agent 13's re-emergence while she's on the run from authorities. Shared on 's official Twitter page, the clip runs around 14 seconds and features what appears to be her reunion with the titular heroes. Check it out below:

Like Sam and Bucky, Sharon was part of the unfortunate half of the universe who got dusted. Prior to that, she was believed to have already been on the run from her superior after she broke the rules in Captain America: Civil War. Depending on when exactly The Falcon and the Winter Soldier lands on the MCU timeline, it's possible that Sharon is still disoriented from what happened to her; not everyone knew what exactly happened with the blip, and as shown in WandaVision, there was chaos when people started returning. Regardless, it's clear that she still knows to keep her head down, predicting that the Sokovia Accords are still in effect.

With just a few weeks in between WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Marvel  Studios is ramping up their marketing with the release of promotional materials such as TV spots. Still, they're crafted in a way that there's very little to nothing revealed about the show's narrative that wasn't already confirmed. It's curious how exactly Sharon and heroes cross paths in the series but considering her loyalty to Steve, she can ultimately help them in their upcoming mission.

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