NYPD: Knife Fight Spills Into Midtown Pizzeria, 2 Taken Into Custody

Police are investigating after two men were stabbed outside Penn Station on Sunday afternoon.

NYPD: Knife Fight Spills Into Midtown Pizzeria, 2 Taken Into Custody

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — Police are investigating after two men were stabbed near Penn Station on Sunday afternoon.

A brawl continued into a pizza shop and then out on the street.

Both of the victims were first treated for their injuries at Bellevue Hospital and then taken into custody, CBS2’s Ali Bauman reported.

Cellphone video shows police taking a man into custody on Eighth Avenue by 30th Street, after a double stabbing outside NY Pizza Suprema by 31st Street.

“A couple guys were fighting here with the knives,” witness Juan Amon said.

Amon, who works in the pizza shop, said two men came out of Moynihan Train Hall fighting just after 1 p.m., one of them chasing the other into the pizza shop, where their brawl continued.

“He was looking for protection, one of the guys,” Amon said, adding when about the tension of the moments, “Of course, scary. The guys were trying to protect the customers inside. I never in my life saw something like this over here,” Amon said.

The fight then spilled back out on to the street, where one of the men was stabbed in his neck and arm.

“”There was screaming and fighting. I only heard the screaming and he was bleeding all over,” witness Jay Najed said.

Surveillance video shows bystanders running from the bloody scene. One of the men appears to kick a knife away on the sidewalk.

“It usually doesn’t happen over here, but over here is getting a lot of homeless people. People just want to fight with each other,” Najed said.

Charges against the two men are still pending. Police are investigating what led up to this stabbing and said it is unclear if the men previously knew each other.

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Protesters Attempt To Storm Entrance Of Barclays Center Over Nets’ Refusal To Allow Kyrie Irving To Play Due To NYC Vaccine Mandate

There was drama outside the of the Brooklyn Nets' home opener at Barclays Center on Sunday.

Protesters Attempt To Storm Entrance Of Barclays Center Over Nets’ Refusal To Allow Kyrie Irving To Play Due To NYC Vaccine Mandate

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — There was drama outside of the Brooklyn Nets‘ home opener at Barclays Center on Sunday.

Protesters tried storming the entrance over the team’s decision not to let Kyrie Irving play because he won’t get vaccinated, CBS2’s Lisa Rozner reported.

Irving has said this is not about being for or against vaccines, but “about being true to what feels good” for him.

Rally organizers said they were taking a stance against New York City’s vaccine mandate.

Just before Sunday’s 4 p.m. tip-off, barricades at Barclays Center entrance were removed. A man dressed in red is seen on video summoning people to come in, and protesters using all their might try to break through a group of security guards who eventually got a hold of them and close all the doors for a short time.

Ticketed guests already inside watched it all unfold.

“All this for Kyrie because he didn’t get vaccinated? Because he could play if he get vaccinated,” one fan said.

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The rally started hours before the game at a park about a mile away from Barclays Center. It was organized by several groups, including Teachers for Choice, Rev. Kevin McCall and Black Lives Matter activist Hank Newsome, who marched to Barclays with signs.

Upon arriving, McCall and Newsome got upset when they were told the DJ outside Barclays could not turn down the music for a few minutes, and then dozens swarmed the plaza.

“Let Kyrie play!” some chanted.

The Nets have said Irving is not allowed to play under the city’s vaccine mandate, which requires at least one COVID-19 vaccine shot to enter indoor venues.

Irving, a Montclair, New Jersey native, said recently, “I am staying grounded in what I believe in. It is not about being anti-vax or about being on one side or the other. It is just really about being true to what feels good for me.” He also said, “This has everything to do with what is going on in our world, and I am being grouped into something that is bigger than just the game of basketball.”

“This is against the mandate. They’re trying to take away our freedom,” McCall said.

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Fans had mixed reactions.

When asked if the incident killed the vibe for him, Erick Trejo, who was visiting from St. Louis, said, “Oh, it sure did because that was the only person I came to see.”

“It’s a shame that someone who is that good is not playing,” added Gabriel Munk of the Long Island village of Cedarhurst.

“He’s doing what he needs to do for himself and his family, so I’m with him 100%,” added Curtis Hll, who was visiting from Buffalo.

“I trust science. I believe in science. I feel like he should do it, but, hey, you know, I’m not even going to say to each his own. I feel like he should do it,” said Nicholas Bailey of Chicago.

“I mean, he definitely should be vaccinated because, I mean, if you’re a star figure, it’s probably a good idea to set a good example, but you know,” city resident Stefanie Rippenbaum said.

Without Irving, the Nets lost to the Charlotte Hornets, 111-95.

As for the protests, no arrests were made.

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