Pent-Up Demand Releases: Hawaiian Airlines Faces Tech Crunch

Hawaiian Airlines saw a surge in bookings recently. The increased traffic on the website, however, led to some…

Pent-Up Demand Releases: Hawaiian Airlines Faces Tech Crunch

Hawaiian Airlines saw a surge in bookings recently. The increased traffic on the website, however, led to some tech issues that affected various systems. Passengers reported various issues ranging from difficulties logging into their account and using travel credits to being unable to get in touch with a representative.

Hawaiian Airlines has faced system outages due to increased traffic to their site. Photo: Getty Images

Hawaiian Airlines systems take a hit

Hawaii News Now reports that Hawaiian Airlines has faced issues over the last week with its website. Customers have had issues getting into their accounts on digital channels to use travel credits or access their miles. This technical issue had further ramifications.

The website outages prompted passengers to call Hawaiian Airlines. This then led to a surge in calls, which burdened the call center. As a result, passengers had to face long wait times.

Hawaiian Airlines is working on the issues. There was no immediate timeline available, but it will take some time for the issues to be finally resolved.

Hawaiian Airbus A330
Passengers have faced long hold times when calling due to increased phone traffic. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

What was the reason?

Hawaiian Airlines attributed the outages to a surge in bookings. The technological systems could not handle the increase in the volume of passengers booking new travel or else using credits to rebook travel.

As vaccinations have continued to roll out, passengers are showing a willingness to get back onboard aircraft and travel. Coupled with the fact that 2021 is the first summer since 2019, Hawaii is open for tourists, leading to significant demand for travel to the state.

Hawaiian Airbus
Hawaiian Airlines is seeing passengers come back onboard its aircraft. Photo: Long Beach Airport

Leisure travel is coming back stronger than business travel. As a result, destinations like Hawaii are seeing more attention from travelers. Airlines have thus responded with more capacity. Hawaiian Airlines has added new routes out of Hawaii for the summer and upgauged other routes to capture the higher demand for travel to Hawaii.

However, the increase in demand is proving to be more than airlines had expected. As a result, some electronic infrastructure, like websites and mobile apps, is taking a hit.

The various ways to contact Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines offers a few different ways to contact the airline. All of the methods can be found here. One of the most well-known ways is to give the airline a call. If you have time, calling the general helpline is an option. If that ends up taking a while, you can also try to contact a Hawaiian Airlines helpline in another location. Note that there may be language barriers to booking in other cases.

Hawaiian Airbus A330
Passengers may face issues when trying to interact with the airline’s website. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Hawaiian Airlines does have a live chat function on the website. However, that is currently closed. Passengers should check back later to see if Hawaiian has reopened the chat function.

For those who prefer to write out their requests, there is an option to text the airline. Note that standard data fees and text messaging rates may apply. The next option is to email the airline.

Lastly, Hawaiian Airlines does take written contacts. However, this is definitely your slowest option for contacting the airline.

If you are traveling with Hawaiian Airlines in the coming days, you may face some tech issues. The best option is to be as patient as possible. If you need to check in and it is not working online, you can do so at the airport, but make sure you leave plenty of time at the airport.

Have you faced issues from Hawaiian Airlines’ outages due to increased demand? Let us know in the comments!

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Frontier Airbus A320
Frontier has grown its Ontario operations in the last few months. Photo: Frontier Airlines

A natural expansion of the airline’s route network

Hollywood Burbank Airport (BUR) is becoming a hotspot of new air services. Startup carrier, Avelo Airlines, has made Burbank its main base for now and has been operating out of the airport for over two weeks.

However, this latest expansion is not much of a swipe against Avelo. The two airlines will only be competing in the Phoenix to Burbank market. Frontier has been gradually growing its Phoenix portfolio, including adding flights to Florida and Ontario.

Burbank is an alternative airport in the Los Angeles area. Burbank is close to major tourist attractions. For those looking to visit the Hollywood Sign, Hollywood Walk of Fame, or Universal Studios in Hollywood, this airport is a fantastic alternative for LA-area travelers looking to take in the attractions in the city’s northern parts.

Frontier Airbus A320neo
Frontier Airlines is showing it means business in Southern California. Photo: Vincenzo Pace | Simple Flying

Frontier Airlines does fly to and from the larger Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). However, the carrier only has a few flights out of LAX to a handful of destinations. LAX is far more expensive to fly in and out of than Ontario or Burbank.

Leisure travelers are coming back, and California is set to open in about a month. Frontier, which is also waiting on new aircraft, is targeting an expansion from July onwards, which will cover a large part of the summer travel season. This will also give the airline some leeway in case California delays its full reopening.

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Are you going to fly any of these new Frontier Airlines routes? Let us know in the comments!

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