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To get Illumina Orbs on the Lental Seafloor at Maricopia Reef in New Pokémon Snap, players will need to find the Crystabloom in the seaweed field.

For each major course area in New Pokémon Snap, players will need to unlock Illumina Orbs to take unique photos of each of the over 200 Pokémon available in the game. In New Pokémon Snap, Illumina Orbs are an interactive item that can be thrown at Pokémon in the wild. Illumina Orbs cause a Pokémon to briefly glow and act in new and often unpredictable ways. Players can snap photos of these new behaviors and poses for a unique addition to their album. Sometimes, using Illumina Orbs can even lead Pokémon to unlock hidden passages leading to some hidden Legendary and Mythical Pokémon not found in any other place. Before players can use Illumina Orbs, however, they will need to unlock them.

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The process for unlocking Illumina Orbs in New Pokémon Snap is the same on every course: players need to find and photograph Crystabloom flowers. However, Crystablooms won't be found in the same place or even at the same times on every stage, so players will need to do some digging each time they enter a new area of the Lental Region. Once players turn in a photograph of the Crystablooms, Professor Mirror will give them Illumina Orbs to use in the area. On the Lental Seafloor at Maricopia Reef, players can find Crystabloom in the seaweed field. It can be hard to spot at first, however, due to a few sleeping Pokémon in the way. Here's how to find and photograph Crystablooms and unlock Illumina Orbs on the Lental Seafloor in New Pokémon Snap.

To unlock Illumina Orbs on the Lental Seafloor in New Pokémon Snap, players will need to unlock Research Level 2 of Maricopia Reef (Day). This unlocks the Lental Seafloor. The Crystabloom can be found just past the opening area of fthe Lental Seafloor, allowing players to unlock Illumina Orbs right away. In the Ocean areas, Crystablooms glow pink.

When players reach the seaweed field on the Lental Seafloor, they will want to look to the right and locate the sleeping Lumineon. They need to toss a Fluffruit at the Lumineon to wake it up and get it to move out of the way of the shot. Then, the player can photograph the Crystabloom behind it.

The Scan function on the research camera can also reveal the locations of Crystablooms. As players explore an area, a blue dot will appear whenever there is an item to scan. Crystablooms will cause this dot to appear, and players can pinpoint the exact locations of these flowers more quickly and easily when using the Scanner.

Players will want to unlock Illumina Orbs in New Pokémon Snap as soon as possible. They not only allow for unique, dynamic photo opportunities and greater chances for four-star scored photos, but they also are sometimes required to complete specific LenTalk research requests.

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New Pokémon Snap is available for Nintendo Switch.

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Everything You Need To Prepare For The Blackwood Expansion in Elder Scrolls Online

To prepare for the Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood chapter, players will want to visit the Deadlands, check out the DLC, and save Auridon.

To prepare for the Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood, players can already spend some time getting used to the lore and mechanics before the new chapter launches. The Blackwood chapter for Elder Scrolls Online is set to release on June 1 for PC and June 8 for consoles. It will be a year-long storyline centered on Mehrunes Dagon, one of the Daedric Princes, and his agents. The new chapter is expected to launch with over 30 hours of new content, new features and locations to explore, and bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements overall. Players can already begin exploring, investigating, and sharpening their demon-fighting skills in Elder Scrolls Online ahead of the release of Blackwood.

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Many of the activities players can do to prepare for Blackwood are free as part of the Elder Scrolls Online base game, and there are also a few options players can unlock or purchase in the Crown Store. Players can explore parts of the Deadlands, practice dealing with cultists, portals, and Daedra in the base game, meet and get to know the key NPCs who will join them on their journey, fight through a few new dungeons, and experience all the events leading right up to the new chapter with two Prologue quests. Here's everything players can do to prepare for the Blackwood chapter of Elder Scrolls Online.

The first and likely most important thing players can do to prepare for the Blackwood chapter of Elder Scrolls Online is unlock and complete the Prologue. This Prologue contains two quests that introduce players to the central conflict of Blackwood. In the Prologue, players will team up with Eveli Sharp-Arrow and Lyranth to investigate cult that worships Mehrunes Dagon. Though they are not officially companions to the player, both Eveli and Lyranth will be instrumental in the new chapter and will be with the player during key points in their journey, so getting to know them will be important. The end of the Prologue quests will lead directly into Blackwood.

Players can Prologue for free in Elder Scrolls Online as part of the base game. To access it, they will need to open the Crown Store and go to the Quest Starters tab. The quest is called A Mortal's Touch.

There are other things players can do, both in the base game and in DLC, to prepare for Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood. If they want to get a little more information before teaming up with Eveli and Lyranth in the Prologue or new chapter, players can find them elsewhere in Tamriel. Lyranth is located in the Imperial City Prison dungeon if players have installed the free Imperial City DLC from the Crown Store. She is also found in the Shadowfen zone and the Coldharbour zone as part of the base game. Eveli is trickier to get, as players need to have purchased the Orsinium DLC to find her. Players can complete the questlines associated with these characters to learn more about them ahead of the new chapter.

Players can also work with Eveli and Lyranth in the Flames of Ambition DLC, the first new content that released in the Gates of Oblivion storyline. Flames of Ambition unlocks two new, optional dungeon experiences, The Cauldron and Black Drake Villa. Chronologically, these are meant to come before even the Blackwood Prologue. Completing the two dungeons will provide more lore and background information to set the stage for Blackwood. Players can purchase Flames of Ambition for 1500 Crowns in the Crown Store or access it with an ESO Plus subscription.

Much of Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood deals with cultists loyal to Mehrunes Dagon, who serves as the antagonist of the year-long saga. Players can get some practice dealing with cultists and Daedra ahead of the new chapter. In the Auridon zone in the base game, players can help protect Firsthold and the rest of the city from the cultists and seal the portals they open to the Deadlands.

It is also possible to get more Deadlands and Daedra content by playing the City of Ash 1 and 2 dungeons. These experiences are found in Greenshade and see players fighting to push back a small army of invading Daedra. Particularly in City of Ash 2, players will physically enter the Deadlands to fight Daedra, which will be good practice for Blackwood.

Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood takes place a few hundred years before The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, but many of the locations will be familiar to those who have played both games. Newcomers to the series or fans who want to brush up on their lore may also want to prepare for the Blackwood chapter with another run of Oblivion so they can see more clearly how all the pieces fit together.

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Elder Scrolls Online: Blackwood launches June 1, 2021 for PC, Mac, Stadia, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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