Pokemon: Trubbish Is a Trash Design | Screen Rant

The Pokemon series is filled with crazy and weird monster designs, but a few of them, like Trubbish and Garbador, fall short of the others.

Pokemon: Trubbish Is a Trash Design | Screen Rant

There are a lot of out there, with the series now featuring over 800 different creatures. Game Freak and the Pokemon Company only keep increasing the amount over the years, and some truly ingenious designs have come out of later games.

With hundreds of different designs, however, not every single one can be a home run. Over the years Pokemon has started using more designs based on inanimate objects instead of living creatures, and some of these just miss the mark.

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Chief among the rubbish designs is Trubbish; an actual garbage bag of a Pokemon. Some inanimate designs can work for Pokemon, but Trubbish, and Garbador, just takes things a step too far.

There are certainly other Pokemon designs out there that don't work on a basic level, but Trubbish is just about the most disappointing design someone could possibly think of. The Pokemon is literally a bag of garbage given arms, legs, and a face. People don't like garbage, that's why it's put at the curb and hauled away every week. Trubbish, in turn, just feels like an uninspired design that doesn't serve much of a purpose.

Trubbish is immediately comparable to another Pokemon from the first-gen, Grimer and Muk. Both Trubbish and Grimer are based around refuse being turned into a Pokemon, but Grimer has more of a basis to build on. Grimer is based on the idea of pollution and resembles the countless movie creatures out there mutated by radioactive waste. Living toxic sludge is something that's been used plenty of times in horror and sci-fi, but a living trash bag? Not so much. Of course, Trubbish isn't nearly the only questionable Pokemon design based on inanimate objects. There's the ice cream Pokemon Vanillish, the Klefki, the magnet Pokemon Magnemite, and much more. However, many of these designs have clear inspirations while others, like Trubbish, feel like they're grasping.

Trubbish's design may be at least somewhat inspired by the idea of a dust bunny, but bag a Pokemon that's a bag of garbage running around just doesn't hit the same way as the toxic sludge of Grimer and Muk.

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