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Pokémon's Electric/Flying-type Legendary bird may pack a powerful punch, but it also has a few setbacks, depending on which form is being used.

Catching a Legendary bird can be a big achievement in any of the Pokémon games. The powerful, Electric/Flying-type Zapdos is a particular favorite among fans, thanks to its intimidating appearance and devastating moveset. However, Zapdos has a few weaknesses that can make it a gamble to put on a Pokémon team, especially if players decide to use Galarian Zapdos instead of its original Kanto form.

Zapdos, being a Flying/Electric-type, is damaged normally by a number of other Pokémon types. These include Normal, Poison, Ghost, Fire, Water, Electric, Psychic, Dragon, Dark, and Fairy. Because Zapdos takes a normal amount of damage from such a wide variety of types, it can hold up well against a many gyms and trainer teams. It is also completely immune to Ground-type moves, takes only half damage from Fighting, Flying, Bug, Steel, and Grass-types, and has no 4x weaknesses.

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With so many resistances, it may seem like Pokémon's Zapdos is impervious to heavy hits. However, its Kanto form does have two weaknesses: It takes double damage from Ice-type and Rock-type moves. Rock-type moves are usually particularly powerful, so a weakness to the type can be rather problematic. Pokémon moves like Rock Slide and Rock Tomb can be devastating for players using Zapdos, and the move Stone Edge can potentially take Zapdos down in a single hit.

While the Zapdos of the original Legendary bird trio from Kanto is a powerful asset, Pokémon Sword and Shield's Galarian Zapdos doesn't share the same strengths. In fact, it has so many weaknesses that using it on a team can be a gamble. Galarian Zapdos is a Fighting/Flying type, which makes it 2x weak to Flying, Electric, Psychic, Ice, and Fairy-type moves. Many of these move types are commonly used in battle and can create issues for those trying to use Galarian Zapdos on their team. In addition, Galarian Zapdos doesn't get access to any of Kanto Zapdos' powerful Electric-type moves, limiting its effectiveness in battle.

For those trying to decide which Electric-type Pokémon to add to a late-game team, Zapdos is a solid dual-type with powerful moves and good resistances. But for those hoping to survive difficult challenges like  Galarian Star Tournament, it might be best to steer clear of Galarian Zapdos and pick one of the many other Legendary species the Pokémon games have to offer.

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