Pretty Little Liars: 10 Things That Went Wrong For Aria Since She Started Dating Ezra

Aria and Ezra's relationship on PLL was one of the teen drama's biggest and most scandalous. The problematic English teacher made Aria's life worse.

Pretty Little Liars: 10 Things That Went Wrong For Aria Since She Started Dating Ezra

Aria Montgomery and Ezra Fitz's romance on Pretty Little Liars is the one that people think about the most. Due to their age gap, this was a scandal from the beginning, and Aria's world became very complicated.

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The couple got married and planned for a family in the series finale, but it's tough to ignore how difficult Aria's life got once she fell for Ezra. If she had dated someone else, it seems like things would have been much easier. While Aria loved Ezra and they did live happily ever after, it's fair to say that he totally ruined her life over the show's seven seasons.

10 She Started Lying To Friends And Family

It was only later on in the first season of Pretty Little Liars that Aria's friends found out she was dating Ezra. They had to keep their romance a secret from the start, due to their age difference and the fact that Ezra was their teacher, and this definitely spelled disaster.

Aria started lying to her friends and family once she started seeing Ezra, and this proves that he was a negative influence on her life. If the relationship was healthier, she would never have to do that, and everyone would offer their support.

9 She Became A Jealous Person And Tried To Blackmail Jackie

After Aria and Ezra met each other in a Rosewood bar, they started their serious relationship, and Aria learned that he used to be engaged to a woman named Jackie Molina.

When Jackie was teaching at Hollis, Aria got really jealous and attempted to blackmail Jackie. This didn't work and Jackie said that she would keep her job, but Aria had to break up with Ezra. Aria was playing with fire as Jackie was tougher and more manipulative than she was. If Aria wasn't with Ezra, she wouldn't have been involved in such a sketchy situation.

8 Aria Got Arrested And Ezra Complicated The Situation

It's definitely strange how the Rosewood cops targeted the liars and never believed that they were innocent.

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In the season 2 episode "Over My Dead Body," Aria and the other girls got taken into police custody. Wilden was always convinced that they had murdered Ali and he didn't seem willing to consider any other possibilities. Ezra showed up and made the situation even more complicated since Ella assumed he was dating Spencer and said that Spencer's parents would be really mad if they saw him there. This made Aria realize that her mom would probably never support their love story.

7 Ezra Wanted To Be In His Son's Life, Which Was Too Much For A Teenage Girl

In the third season of the show, Aria learned that Ezra's ex Maggie had a young son named Malcolm. Ezra was the father, and once he knew the truth, he wanted to be a good, loyal dad who made enough money to support his family.

This was a lot for Aria to handle, as she was only a teenage girl who should have been worrying about school dances and good grades, not her boyfriend's child.

6 Ezra Seemed To Be A

Aria was definitely upset when everyone thought that Ezra was A.

Ezra potentially being A was a big twist but it wasn't a good one, as it made fans think that he was an evil person instead of Aria's soulmate. Ezra was just trying to gather some research, but that didn't help matters because Aria found out that he knew Ali and was writing a book about her. If Aria had walked away from Ezra, she could have avoided this stressful and dramatic situation.

5 A Tormented Aria For Dating Ezra

A's messages could be scary or fall flat, but most of the time, when this figure texted Aria, it hit close to home. A often used Aria's secret relationship with Ezra against her and would threaten her about all the bad things that would happen if they continued to see each other. If Aria had dumped Ezra in the first season and realized that she didn't want so much pain and suffering, A wouldn't have had so much ammunition.

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In season 1, A texted Aria and said, "When students kiss teachers, someone gets HURT. That's a promise I'll keep."

4 Ezra Strained Aria's Relationship With Her Dad

While Aria was devastated that her dad cheated on her mom, it was clear that she and Byron had always had a close and loving relationship.

Byron was angry that Ezra was dating his daughter and felt that he was taking advantage of her. He yelled at Ezra in the second season, and this caused some real tension between Aria and Byron. If Aria could have moved on from Ezra, she would have been close to her family once again, and it's a shame that they had so much drama.

3 Ezra Pulled Her Into His Mess

In the sixth season, Ezra fell into a depression after his girlfriend Nicole disappeared. He was supposed to be writing a book but he found it hard to function.

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While Aria is a good person and of course she felt bad for Ezra, she got wrapped up in this mess and she even helped him finish the book. If Ezra was a better partner for her, it seems like he would have wanted Aria to live her own life and focus on what she wanted instead of getting pulled back in.

2 She Missed Out On Healthy Relationships

There are some couples on PLL that seem to be perfect, and many fans never wanted to see Hanna and Caleb or Toby and Spencer apart. It's possible that Aria could have had an epic romance with someone other than Ezra and it could have been free of pain and drama.

In season 6, Aria was working in publishing and dating Liam. He seemed as good a match for her as anyone else, especially since they had their literary life in common. But because she was still consumed by thoughts of Ezra and she could never let him go, she ended the relationship and went back to him. It definitely seems like Aria could have been in several healthy and happy relationships if it wasn't for Ezra's hold on her.

1 She Joined A.D.'s Team To Help Ezra

Fans thought Aria was A.D. for a while and there were many signs that this was the case. Before the popular teen drama came to an end, Aria joined the team so she could help out Ezra. This was just another example of emotional manipulation and blackmail, as she was terrified of what would happen if she didn't listen to what A.D. said.

The had some wild moments and this was a surprising one, even though some viewers thought that there was more to Aria than met the eye. Aria could have been badly hurt or worse, and it was all because of Ezra.

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