Prime Minister outlines three step plan to re-open Australia

Scott Morrison says nearly a million jobs will be restored as the country emerges from COVID-19 hibernation.

Prime Minister outlines three step plan to re-open Australia

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has outlined the three-step plan aimed at returning Australia to a more normal way of life.

Each state and territory will move through the steps at their own pace, with treasury modelling indicating 850,000 jobs will be restored.

"In this plan, we walk before we run," Mr Morrison said.

"We know we need to be careful to preserve our gains, if we wish to reclaim the ground we lost, we cannot be too timid.

"There will be risks. There will be challenges. There will be outbreaks, there will be more cases, there will be set backs. Not everything will go to plan.

"But we cannot allow our fear of going backwards from stopping us from going forwards."

The Prime Minister stressed that stage one of the plan will not necessarily start immediately, with each state or territory needing time to prepare for restrictions to be lifted.

Step one

"Step one will enable greater connection with friends and family, allowing gatherings up to 10 people, and five guests in your own home," Mr Morrison said

"It will see children back in classrooms and in play grounds in their communities. Golfers back on the green. Lap swimmers back in the pool. Boot camps back in the parks. Retail and small cafes and restaurants reopening.

"It will see easing of restrictions for funerals with up to 30 attendees, outdoors, and 10 at weddings."

Key points for stage one:

  • Non-work gatherings of up to 10 people.
  • Up to five visitors at home.
  • Work from home if it works for you and employer.
  • Avoid public transport in peak hour.
  • Retail stores open.
  • Cafes and Restaurants may open and seat up to 10 patrons, as long as social distancing is observed.
  • No indoor physical activity including gyms.
  • Pools open with restrictions.
  • Outdoor sport allowed up to 10 people.
  • 10 people allowed at outdoor playgrounds.
  • Funerals may have 20 people indoors and 30 outdoors.
  • Local and regional travel allowed for recreation.

Step two

Mr Morrison said the second stage will allow for gatherings of up to 20 people, including cinemas and galleries, organised community sports and beauty parlours.

Key points for stage two:

  • Non-work gatherings of up to 20 people.
  • Work from home if it works for you and employer.
  • Auctions and open homes allowed to have up to 20 people.
  • Cafes and Restaurants may open and seat up to 20 patrons, as long as social distancing is observed.
  • Indoor movie theatres may have up to 20 patrons.
  • Pubs, clubs, casinos and nightclubs to remain closed.
  • Up to 20 people allowed to participate in all outdoor sports.
  • Caravan parks and camping grounds fully open.
  • Weddings may have 20 guests, funerals may have 50 mourners.
  • Some interstate travel.
Pubs like Sydney's Lansdowne Hotel will stay closed until Step Three.

Step three

The third stage will permit gatherings of 100 people, with most people back in the workplace. Interstate travel is likely to resume by this time, with pubs and clubs open with social distancing restrictions.

Key points for stage three

  • Non-work gatherings of up to 100 people.
  • Return to workplace.
  • Cafes and Restaurants may open and seat up to 100 patrons, as long as social distancing is observed.
  • Consideration given to opening bar areas and gaming rooms at pubs and clubs.
  • Sporting venues allowed to open with up to 100 people allowed.
  • Interstate travel allowed.

Australians will still be encouraged to work from home if possible through the first two stages of the plan, with the Prime Minister hoping the third stage will be in force by July.

Mr Morrison said there will be setbacks as the country re-opens, but said health officials are doing everything they can to keep infections under control.

"Outbreaks are going to happen," he said

"All Premiers and chief ministers understand that. And so it's how you respond to them.

"It's not a reason to slow things down."

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