Prince Harry, Prince William Fighting More Than Ever After Disastrous Meeting?

Several outlets have said William and Harry are clashing.

Prince Harry, Prince William Fighting More Than Ever After Disastrous Meeting?

Two princes, once close, have now gone their separate ways. If this was the 1200s, Prince Harry and Prince William could be expected to wage a war over the throne. Luckily, it’s 2021, so the only fighting appears on the covers of tabloids.

The very public breakup between Harry and William has caused immense speculation about their personal life. You can’t argue they’re as close as they once were, and that narrative just too juicy to pass up. The pot was only stirred further when Harry returned to the United Kingdom for the unveiling of his mother’s statue. It was the first time the brothers had appeared outside of a church or funeral in years.

Did the two get in a nasty fight? Are they more estranged than ever, and did the fight involve Meghan Markle? Here’s what some are saying about Harry and William’s curious reunion.

Devastating Fight?

In the eyes of In Touch, the “uneasy truce” between Harry and William was shattered over the Princess Diana statue. A source said Queen Elizabeth was personally trying to help them make amends, but “it ended in disaster!” William was too disgusted by Markle to even listen to Harry, and a source said that “he made it very clear he won’t budge until he gets a real apology from both Harry and Meghan.”

When will they renew hostilities you ask? What even counts as a real apology? Click here to find out.

William And Harry’s Iciest Meeting Yet

OK! told a slightly different story. It agreed that William and Harry were at odds, but it said they were really icy and awkward around one another. An insider said, “Judging from their stone faces and body language, it’s obvious they’re more estranged than ever.” Harry was upset at his lack of reception, but neither man felt the need to apologize.

Are the brothers slowly drifting apart? Read our investigation here to find out what we know.

Prince William ‘Spitting Venom’?

New Idea believes a fight happened as well. This time, it was Kate Middleton trying to get the brothers on the same page. Of course, they had an “ugly confrontation” all the same. An insider said, “Harry made it even more difficult than it had to be. He wouldn’t go to rehearsals, he refused to share the details of his speech in advance and basically made everyone very nervous. William was spitting venom.” Neither brother saw any need to apologize, so they simply bullied one another instead.

Is the feud actively getting worse? Or is this all just a load of hooey? There’s only one way to know for sure, and that’s by looking at our breakdown here. Any time Harry and William interact these days, it’s sure to make headlines.

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Tom Cruise’s Unrecognizable Face Is The Result Of Botox Overkill And Weight Gain?

Tom Cruise looks a little different these days. Tabloids and fans alike think his cheeks have gotten noticeably fuller. Gossip Cop investigates.

Tom Cruise’s Gone From ‘Chiseled’ To ‘Fuller’?

According to In Touch, Cruise’s face is looking a little stranger these days. The Interview with the Vampire star recently attended a Dodgers game where his face looked a bit puffier than usual. This wouldn’t really be news, but Cruise’s chiseled face is iconic. As one Twitter user remarked, “Mission impossible to recognize.”

The tabloid reveals that Cruise’s face is the result of Botox overkill, fillers, and a grueling schedule. A plastic surgeon says, “His eyes appear to be pretty fatigued… he looks older than he’s ever looked — and it looks like he’s gained a lot of weight.” Another doctor says, “His eyebrows are also a little on the low side, which indicates he could have had Botox in his forehead as well.”

Another source blames Hayley Atwell for the weight gain, saying, “Doesn’t everyone who settles into a new relationship put on some pounds?” The Botox is also her fault as well, the insider argues. “Tom is 20 years older than her, so of course he’s trying to look as young as possible. But he went a little too far with the Botox and fillers this time.”

What’s Going On With Cruise?

It’s true that Tom Cruise made waves when he didn’t look 100% like Cruise. In Touch is a little bit late to the party with this entire story. Gossip Cop already debunked the National Enquirer’s story about a Botox obsession, while the Globe already blamed his weight gain on Hayley Atwell. 

In another story, that tabloid had already tried citing speculating doctors to say Cruise could be hurting himself. These doctors have never treated Cruise, so their opinion is hardly trustworthy. Every inch of this In Touch story has been covered before.

All of these stories claim to have answers for the Cruise face conundrum, but none of them could possibly know what’s going on. Cruise’s personal life is notoriously hard to read. For one thing, it was never even confirmed that he and Atwell ever dated, let alone broke up. In Touch sounds so certain, yet it hedges its bet between romance and botox.

There’s History Here

This is the same tabloid that ran a cover story about Tom Cruise leaving Scientology, yet he’s still a devoted member. It also promised a tell-all with Howard Stern, but that never happened. Its Cruise coverage is a joke, so you can not trust this weight/Botox/Hayley Atwell story.

Unless Cruise sits back down with Oprah Winfrey, which is doubtful on its own, we’ll probably never know what exactly is going on. It could be Botox, sure, or it could be his face just aging naturally. Whatever it is, there’s no way this tabloid has any real insight into his life or appearance.

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