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19-Year-Old Dies After Being Shot In Head While Driving...

According to police, a man was found shot at Tolbut and Ditman Streets in Holmesburg around 2 a.m. Saturday.


Labor wants to see JobSeeker economic impact modelling

Labor is asking to see the modelling for the JobSeeker payments and its economic impact when it ends in September.


Major breakthrough in predicting heart attack and stroke

Researchers in Western Australia are using bone scans to predict a person's likelihood of having a heart attack or stroke.


Perth dad's incredible COVID-19 survival story

A father-of-four from Quinns Rocks recounts his horror ordeal with coronavirus – a nightmare which began just days into his mining...


Coronavirus risk renewed amid easing lockdowns in Germany,...

New outbreaks – and the fears of a second wave of contagion – have underscored the dangers authorities face as they try to reopen...


Seven lucky fans given free tickets to attend UFC 249

Ahead of the UFC's controversial return to action this week in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, seven lucky fans have been given...


Lion Dads Who Are Done

It appears parenting is difficult for all living creatures and not just us humans! Here's a lion dad who properly reflects some of...


Caturday Is Here In A Major Way (50 Cat Memes)

These past few weeks months have been weird but luckily we can always rely on Caturday to deliver the smiles! Welcome, everyone! Another...


Photo Series Of Baby Elephant Having The Time Of His Life...

Willy Thuan is a French photographer who started to travel the world early and never stopped until he settled in Thailand in 1994....


A Bunch Of Cute Tumblr Posts About Baby Animals

Baby Animals are great and Tumblr is great. Combined? They're a recipe for hilarity. Here are cute Tumblr posts about baby animals...

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