‘Put More Value Into Other People’: Firefighter/Nurse Urges Social Distancing

A Haverhill firefighter who also works as a nurse wants the community to know their generosity is noticed, felt and appreciated.

‘Put More Value Into Other People’: Firefighter/Nurse Urges Social Distancing

HAVERHILL (CBS) – Chris Cesati’s entire career is reacting to the unpredictable: emergency calls or emergency patients.

“I work on Engine 1 up on High Street in Haverhill; one of our busiest stations. On my down days I am an emergency room nurse,” he said.

With no break from the stress of this Covid crisis, his mission these days is making his patients smile.

“They’re alone. I’m a joker. It helps. Most people appreciate a little sense of humor and it’s not all serious while trying to take care of them,” Cesati said.

He’s worried about bringing the virus home to his wife and sons.

“My youngest is a senior in high school this year so he’s going through a lot,” Cesati said. “He’s more concerned about me than what he’s missing out on. He’s a good kid.”

Or infecting his second family at the fire house.

“I have two younger privates in my group and I call them my kids,” he said. “You eat together, watch TV together, go to good calls together and bad calls together.”

He hopes everyone will keep doing their part to flatten the curve.

“Put more value into other people instead of themselves,” he said. “Some kind of really take it to heart and they’re washing their groceries in the garage before they bring them in. Others are just eh, whatever. It’s those whatevers keeping us going.”

Cesati wants the community to know their overwhelming generosity is noticed, felt, and so appreciated.

“It’s above and beyond anything we could’ve expected. The community has definitely stepped up in support of us,” he said. “Definitely reached out and help. They chose to help us, helping others.”

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