Quick and easy: Three-ingredient buttery shortbread biscuits

These decadent buttery shortbread biscuits will crumble and melt in your mouth. They are so easy to make - you only need three ingredients and a bowl.

Quick and easy: Three-ingredient buttery shortbread biscuits

Shortbread biscuits aren’t just for the holiday, they are for when you need to whip up something quick and easy to dip in your coffee. Make these deliciously rich, perfectly crumbly, melt in your mouth biscuits in just a few minutes.

If you do not use butter, although this is best for these biscuits, you can use baking margarine instead. If you do not have powdered sugar you can also use castor, brown or regular sugar. The dough can be rolled out and cut into shapes with cookie cutters. You can even make thumbprint cookies with jam. The possibilities are endless.

I like to use salted butter for this recipe and my favourite additions are a pinch of freshly chopped rosemary or macadamia nuts. This shortbread is also yummy dipped in or drizzled with chocolate.

Makes 16+ biscuits

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