Quincy Adams Morgan: Why Sonja Morgan’s Daughter Hasn’t Been On ‘RHONY’

After over a decade on television, why hasn't Sonja Morgan's daughter been on 'RHONY'? Get the details on Quincy Adams Morgan and if she'll ever pop up on the show.

Quincy Adams Morgan: Why Sonja Morgan’s Daughter Hasn’t Been On ‘RHONY’
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Sonja Morgan has become a mainstay on The Real Housewives of New York City. She joined the cast in 2010 during the show’s third season, and she’s been a fan favorite ever since. Bravo fans love Sonja for her outspoken, care-free attitude and her commitment to having a good time. There’s a good reason she calls herself “the straw that stirs the drink.” Over the years, fans have seen Morgan navigate her career and dating life, all while caring for her multimillion-dollar townhouse. But one element of her life that fans have yet to see on the show is the relationship with her daughter, Quincy Adams Morgan.

Sonja has made references to her daughter over the years. But unlike most other Housewives, her daughter has never been on the show. Here’s the scoop on Sonja Morgan’s daughter and the reason behind her absence from RHONY over the last decade.

Sonja Morgan’s Daughter Is Quincy Adams Morgan

Quincy Adams Morgan is Sonja Morgan’s daughter. She’s the only child of Sonja and her ex-husband, John Adams Morgan. According to Sonja, the two eloped back in 1998, and they stayed together until 2006.

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What’s interesting about the Morgan family is their legacy in American history. John’s father, Henry Sturgis Morgan, was the co-founder of Morgan Stanley. His great-grandfather was J.P. Morgan. Yes, that J.P. Morgan. To top it all off, John’s grandmother was a direct descendant of Presidents John Adams and John Quincy Adams. That’s quite the family tree.

Although they have divorced, Sonja and John remain on good terms, and Sonja maintains a connection to the family. In a 2018 appearance on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Sonja was asked about their current relationship.

“First of all, I like to say I didn’t divorce the family. My husband and I divorced,” she said. “He didn’t divorce me. I didn’t divorce him. We love each other. We love our daughter.”

Quincy Is An Artist And Straight-A Student

With a mom on reality TV and a dad from a historical financier family, you might expect Quincy to be a spoiled heiress. But from what Sonja has described, Quincy is a scholar.

She attended boarding school in Connecticut during her high school years, which means she was away from her mother during some of the years when RHONY has filmed.

In an interview with Bravo’s , Sonja said her daughter is a “straight-A student” who has inherited many traits from her family.

“The finance side, she definitely got from [her father]. She is a math wizard. She got that from the J.P. Morgan side,” Sonja explained. “But she got the humility from the John Adams side, you know, from John Adams, John Quincy Adams, and I like to think my side of the family has humility and religion.”

Another impressive feat: Sonja revealed in an interview on Sip With Sam, that her daughter scored a perfect score on her SAT. Her scholarly ways paid off, and she landed a spot at the Univesity of Pennsylvania. Sonja documented the move-in day on Instagram.

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On top of academic success, Quincy is also an artist. Although she remained out of the public eye for years, she’s shared her art with the world since 2019 through her art Instagram account. Maybe she got her creative side from Sonja, who has proclaimed on the show that she too is an artist.

Quincy Morgan Just Made Her Instagram Public

RHONY fans have always been curious about Quincy Adams Morgan. She rarely makes public appearances with her mom and lives a seemingly quiet life.

That all changed a few weeks ago when she decided to make her Instagram account public. “I never thought I would make my social media public but here I am,” Quincy posted in her stories, She added, “Excited to welcome everyone along for the ride.”

Her personal Instagram account is a treasure trove of pictures, showing off her vibrant social life at college. For fans that had never seen Quincy before, her newly public Instagram account also revealed that she’s the spitting image of her mother.

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One of the most delightful discoveries on Quincy’s Instagram is a Mother’s Day post she shared last year. To honor her mother, she recreated some of her most iconic moments from The Real Housewives of New York City.

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Why Quincy Adams Morgan Has Never Been On ‘RHONY’

With a beautiful life and a famous family, fans are always wondering why Quincy has been absent from The Real Housewives of New York City. No matter which city, fans expect to see the husbands and kids of their favorite Housewives. In some cases, failing to feature your kids on the show has resulted in a demotion. So why has Sonja been able to keep her kid off the show for so long?

A common Reddit theory among fans is that excluding Quincy from the show is part of Sonja’s custody agreement with her ex-husband. However, there’s no solid evidence to support this theory, especially considering that Sonja and her ex split up in 2006, but she didn’t join the show until 2010.

In an interview with Reality Blurb, Sonja shared her side of the story. “Over the years, we’ve thought about [her appearing on RHONY] so much because Bravo has been so important to me and my independence and being able to take care of my daughter since my divorce,” Sonja said. “I married into a very important American family and I honor the responsibility of raising my daughter into the legacy she was born into. So, to bring that on camera is kind of not a fit,” she explained.

Back in 2018, in her interview with Sip With Sam, she shared a similar sentiment about featuring Quincy on reality television. “I just don’t think it’s good. I mean I know how to handle it and I’ll handle myself and I chose it. But I don’t think I should drag anyone else into it, especially a young kid.”

Will Sonja Morgan’s Daughter Appear On Season 13 Of ‘RHONY’?

is right around the corner, and with Quincy’s new public Instagram, many fans wonder if they’ll finally get a glimpse of Quincy on the show. Perhaps there’s been a change of heart since Quincy is now over the age of 18.

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When speaking to Reality Blurb, Sonja didn’t totally rule out the possibility. She said, “I think when she gets a little older and she graduates and has her own brand identification, she can exploit it.”

So, Quincy has her art business and an Instagram with over 50,000 followers, it sounds like there’s a burgeoning brand just waiting to be exploited. Plus, Bravo seems to have a renewed interest in the Housewives’ kids. They that will feature the kids of famous cast members like Vicki Gunvalson, Kandi Burrus, and Teresa Giudice.

Bravo has not officially confirmed any details about Season 13 of RHONY. Perhaps fans will finally get their glimpse of Quincy on TV. But there’s no concrete evidence to say for sure.

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