Ramaphosa reaction: DA say Cyril ‘used their idea’, EFF slam ‘capitalist greed’

Although many element's of Ramaphosa's lockdown exit strategy have been welcomed, his political opposition haven't given him a free pass.

Ramaphosa reaction: DA say Cyril ‘used their idea’, EFF slam ‘capitalist greed’

Cyril Ramaphosa may have shown us the way out of lockdown last night, but his mishap with his mask. As he struggled to fix the item in place, South Africa was given a desperately needed moment of comic relief, even if the global health crisis is no laughing matter. The speech itself has drawn a mixed response, though.

The president does have some support from the DA, who remain cautious in their optimism. Meanwhile, the EFF think Ramaphosa may be jumping the gun in easing some lockdown restrictions. Herman Mashaba, of the People’s Dialogue, has also expressed concerns about the way forward. You can’t please everyone, Cyril:

“We’re on the same age as you, Ramaphosa” – DA

“While we welcome this announcement, we await further details of how this model will affect the various sectors of our economy. It’s important to establish certainty around this new phased approach, and so the details must be unambiguous. We can’t have issues muddied by conflicting statements from our ministers.”

“The DA has called for precisely this approach in our Smart Lockdown Plan, released ten days ago. It is encouraging that we are able to cooperate in this way, and to know that we are on the same page as we face this daunting challenge. We support the efforts of President Ramaphosa to combat the spread of disease.”

DA statement

“Easing lockdown is premature and bends to capitalist greed” – EFF

“Experts have strongly advised against re-opening the economy when daily infections are still above 45. In the past 24 hours, South Africa has witnessed more than 300 daily cases and we, therefore, do not understand the reasons for premature re-opening, which ignores the scientific and logical advice of experts.”

“We strongly caution against the premature re-opening of economic sectors that require multitudes of employees to be in contact with each other. The government should not bend at the altar of capitalist greed because the measures put in place thus far will be reversed in a short period of time.”

EFF statement

“Measures welcomed, but we need more clarity” – Herman Mashaba / People’s Dialogue

“I welcome President Ramaphosa’s decision to phase out the lockdown, but several issues I wanted clarity on – corruption, IMF loans and humanitarian relief – were not addressed tonight. I sincerely hope that the government takes us into their confidence on these critical issues soon. They owe South Africans that much.”

Herman Mashaba
Source : The South African More