Raymix’s Eclectic Pride Playlist Features Esteman, Bomba Estéreo & More

Raymix is the latest to share exclusively with Billboard his ultimate pride playlist.

Raymix’s Eclectic Pride Playlist Features Esteman, Bomba Estéreo & More

In celebration of Pride Month, electrocumbia pioneer Raymix exclusively shares with Billboard his ultimate pride-inspired playlist, which features Bomba Estéreo’s “Somos Dos” and Esteman’s “On Top.”

Earlier this month, the Mexican singer-songwriter came out as a gay man via a YouTube video titled “officially announcing I’m gay.”

“It’s not an easy thing to do,” Raymix previously told Billboard. “I was nervous and shaking. I’m typically a very calm person but this was hard and I worried about my career that I’ve worked so hard for.”

Now, the out and proud 29-year-old artist is all about being his true self in hopes of inspiring others who are in a similar situation. “It’s worth coming out because you are finally putting yourself first. This will open doors to a happier life with less weight on your shoulders.”

Below, check out Raymix’s pride anthems and his thoughts on each song:

Raymix, “Tú Y Yo”

This song reflects that moment when you love someone but can’t be with them and you have to create an alternate reality to imagine what it would be like to be with that person.

Siddhartha, “Naufragó”


This is a work of art in all aspects, where the author expresses that sensation of wanting to reunite with someone and enjoy their presence while hoping that person never wants to leave your side.

Esteman, “On Top”

I think this song shows you what can be accomplished when you mix art and eroticism, and it obviously talks about a same-sex relationship. The production is captivating; it goes perfectly with the lyrics. The song is loaded with content and it’s able to express so much.

Bomba Estéreo, “Somos Dos”

It’s an excellent song because of the rhythm and guitars. Bomba Estéreo did a great job incorporating many sounds from Latin America.

Vicente Garcia, “Bohío”

This song brings back so many personal memories. It reminds me of when I fell in love with a boy and we lived many things together. This song reminds me of one of those things. When he sings, “voy a volver al bohío,” to me it means “voy a volver a ti/I will return to you.”

Raymix, “Superstar”

This song reminds me of the first man I loved. The song says everything I lived and felt in that relationship.

SBM, “La Niña Del Volcán”

This song perfectly blends electronic with alternative. I love the rhythm and the feeling that I get from listening to this song.

Simmer, Fhin, “Lost Your Mind”

It’s an erotic anthem. It’s a song to make love to.

Camilo Séptimo, “No te Puedo Olvidar”

This is a work of art by Camilo Séptimo. I want people to pay attention to this band. The melodies are ideal to generate an environment of peace and at the same time the song is melancholic.

Surfistas Del Sistema, “Te Miro Para Ver Si Me Ves Mirarte”

This band is creating incredible music. The title, “I look at you to see if you see me looking at you,” says it all. It narrates that situation in a very original way.

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