Rebel Wilson Stuns In ‘Bond’ Girl Swimsuit Pic After Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson looks amazing in one of her latest Instagram uploads. In fact, she looks exactly like one of the ladies James Bond pals around with!

Rebel Wilson Stuns In ‘Bond’ Girl Swimsuit Pic After Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson is channeling her inner Bond girl in a stunning swimsuit shot as she highlights her 70-pound weight loss. The 41-year-old actress, who vowed to make 2020 her “year of health,” has been flaunting the results of her hard work, and there’s a new photo adding to the pile of swimwear snaps on her Instagram.

Wilson, who has been touting “Rebel Island” during a luxurious and tropical vacation in French Polynesia, had kept up the theme, seen wading out of ocean waters and looking a total bombshell – she even posed with parted lips for an extra-sizzling finish.

Rebel Wilson Stuns With ‘Bond’ Girl Vibes

All hair blowing in the breeze and wearing shades, the Aussie showed off her slimmed-down silhouette in a plunging black swimsuit with gold shoulder clasps, also drawing attention to her tiny waist as she was photographed waist-deep in waters. The only caption came as a nod to the star’s photographer, with a #RebelIsland also added. The travels have been group-style with the actress’ Pitch Perfect co-stars – 36-year-old Anna Kendrick is also out there.

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See Her Weight Loss Below

Wilson achieved her goal weight of 165 pounds in November 2020. That same month, she opened up on Instagram Live, revealing that mindful eating was her M.O. and that old-fashioned walking was the exercise she’d benefited from the most.

“I’m in a lucky position … I do have access to really amazing personal trainers but I want you guys to know that the majority of the exercise that I’ve done this year has just been me going out for a walk,” she stated. “That is free, you can do it, it’s safe.”

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Hiking Uphill Not So Weird After All

“Weirdly, I never thought I would like hiking, walking uphill,” she added with a laugh. “Like, who would have thought that’d be a fun activity? But frick it’s good. To be out in nature, get that air into your lungs. I really really love it and so I do that now all the time.”

Wilson’s post quickly gained a like from sitcom star Jennifer Aniston, with fans throwing the blonde over 200,000 likes overall. The Olly partner has also made headlines this year for bravely sharing a photo of herself at her “most unhealthiest” as she revealed being miserable despite the smile on show. Wilson continues to reach out to others with food or body image issues, alongside admitting that her journey isn’t yet complete.

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