Redknapp slams Mourinho over ‘armchair’ player at Spurs

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Redknapp slams Mourinho over ‘armchair’ player at Spurs

Jamie Redknapp has called out Jose Mourinho for “falling out with” his players too often after Spurs attacker Dele Alli shone in their 2-0 win over Wolves on Sunday.

Alli has had a difficult season, having been frozen out under previous manager Mourinho and coming close to a January exit.

But Tottenham interim boss Mason, a former team-mate of Alli, has restored him to the starting line-up and it paid dividends as he put in his best performance of the season in front of watching England boss Gareth Southgate.


He was not involved in the goals, scored by Harry Kane and Pierre-Emile Hojbjerg, but, even if it did come too late to force his way into the Euro 2020 squad, it was a display of old from the 25-year-old.

Graeme Souness, who was in the Sky Sports studio with Redknapp, thinks the Spurs star has “dropped into an armchair” recently but Redknapp partly puts the blame at Mourinho’s door.

Redknapp said: “Jose seems to want to fall out with a lot of his players but he [Dele Alli] is a quality player.

“He averages nearly one in three [goals] every game. If you can’t get him into the team – and we’ve seen this with Gareth Bale since Jose’s gone. This is a manager who has won everything. You can’t keep falling out with your players.

“The reason is he likes to look at everyone else rather than himself. It’s a fact, one in three he gets and why would you not want to utilise that?”

Souness replied: “I’m not doubting his qualities, I’d love him to sit here and answer our questions.

“I think from the outside looking in it’s a classic case of too much too soon, too much stardom too soon and too much of everything too soon and he’s dropped into an armchair.

“Please God, for him and Tottenham’s sake he gets back to what he was three years ago.”

Redknapp added: “I don’t disagree with that, I’m a big fan but he can do more and he should look at this season and think ‘where can I go from here’ because he’s too good a player not to be in the squad.

“I know that Jose will fall out with his players but he’s also got to look at himself.

“He’s got tremendous ability but he’s got to come back next season and, no disrespect, ram it down the likes of Graeme’s throat and say ‘I can do this’ because his numbers are too good.

“One in three from an attacking midfield player; I think it is probably Frank Lampard and [Steven] Gerrard who have got better than that.”

Souness finished by saying: “There is a player trapped in that body. Show us. Prove us all wrong.”


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Solskjaer ignores Everton in huge claim about Man Utd fans

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Solskjaer ignores Everton in huge claim about Man Utd fans

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer says the lack of fans at games has hit Manchester United the hardest of any team.

Manchester United are second in both the current Premier League table and a table of results since the global pandemic forced the pause of football last March, with stadiums still yet to return to full capacity.

Outside of  and a brief period where certain clubs were permitted a couple of thousand supporters at games, fans have not been allowed for over a year.

Solskjaer believes their absence has been most keenly felt by his players based on the fact they have earned more points away (40) than at home (30) this season.

“I think we have been the team that have missed our fans the most,” he told .

“Books will be written about this pandemic and they will show all the stats. It will be interesting to read it. But we already have a sense of how much fans have been missed by how the results have been skewed. It is unheard of to have more wins away than at home.

“When you have 76,000 at Old Trafford, it is an absolutely magical place and when you play well that adrenaline, enthusiasm and excitement, that extra bit that they give you, they suck the ball in at the Stretford End. So many times we have had help from the fans.

“Of course, 10,000 is not 76,000 but it is still a large number cheering us on and it will help a lot.”

Manchester United actually rank fourth for highest percentage of points won away in 2020/21, with their 57% behind Leicester (58%), Fulham (63%) and Everton (66%).

(55%), Aston Villa (55%), Burnley (54%), Manchester City (54%), Chelsea (53%) and Liverpool (52%) are not far off Manchester United’s tally either as 12 Premier League teams have fared better in terms of away points in comparison to their home hauls.

Manchester City, Manchester United, Chelsea, Leicester, Leeds, Arsenal, Aston Villa, Everton, Brighton, Burnley and Fulham have all won more matches away, with Everton’s difference of five victories at Goodison Park to 11 elsewhere quite comfortably the biggest.

The post Solskjaer ignores Everton in huge claim about Man Utd fans appeared first on Football365.

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