Restoring Marine Upholstery Using Pettit EZ Fabricoat

In this article, Boating Editor-In-Chief Kevin Falvey renews the finish and restores the color of sun-damaged and faded marine vinyl boat upholstery by applying Pettit EZ Fabricoat. See and learn the steps required and the accessories needed to complete this DIY boat maintenance task.

Restoring Marine Upholstery Using Pettit EZ Fabricoat

Boat seats take a lot of abuse. And few things make a boat look shabbier than faded, dingy upholstery. At a certain point, UV ray damage from the sun makes cleaning a waste of time. You can reupholster, sure. But you can also extend the useful life of marine upholstery--such as boat seats, leaning posts and sunlounges--by refinishing them.

What? Paint vinyl upholstery?!!

My initial reaction was probably the same as yours. But then, I had this sun-damaged cooler seat backrest aboard my boat, Pettit’s EZ Fabricoat just hit the shelves and reviewing marine accessories is what we do. So, I called up our Pettit contact and requested some EZ Fabricoat.

The author's seat back cushion before and after application of Pettit EZ Fabricoat. (Kevin Falvey/)

EZ Fabricoat is a flexible coating that refinishes marine vinyl seats, panels, wrapped dashboards, carpets, PVC tubes, simulated leather and other marine fabric materials.

It is a specially formulated flexible coating that, according to Pettit, provides excellent adhesion. Pettit said that will not rub off, crack or peel. They also said it is a high-grade marine formula that will hide stains, fading and UV damage while providing strong UV protection from the sun’s powerful rays. EZ Fabricoat comes in six colors and finishes.

Pettit EZ Fabricoat comes in six colors.
Pettit EZ Fabricoat comes in six colors. (Courtesy Pettit Paint/)

So, with a can of gloss white in hand, I set out to put Pettit’s claims about EZ Fabricoat to the test on my backrest cushion.

Application proved easy. Shake the can well and apply two-to three thin coats. EZ Fabricoat covered well, and the nozzle didn’t spatter or spurt. (Inverting the can and giving a squirt between coats keeps it clear). At 80 F/ 27 C it dried enough to recoat in about 15 minutes. I let it sit overnight before reinstalling aboard the boat.

EZ Fabricoat covers 12 square feet per can. Remeber you need two coats when factoring how much to buy for your job. You want to apply it in a well-ventilated space--I worked outside and still used a respirator. Also use gloves and eye protection whenever applying marine coatings.

EZ Fabricoat comes in Gloss White, Gloss Black, Flat Black, Satin Dark Khaki, Satin Dark Grey and Satin Grey. In addition to vinyl boat upholstery and panels, it also is claimed to be useful for refinishing Hypalon inflatable boats, and PVC products.

We’ll see how EZ Fabricoat holds up over time. But as for ease of use, the cost-to-effort ratio and the good looking end result, I can recommend this product for making faded and damaged marine vinyl upholstery look " good as new. "

Contact: Pettit Paint

Price: $17.88,

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2021 Pathfinder 2600 TRS

Pathfinder's 2600 TRS serves up a stable ride while you and your crew are out fishing and boating.

2021 Pathfinder 2600 TRS

The High Performance Step hull offers speed and ­sure-footed performance. (Courtesy Pathfinder Boats/)


Pathfinder’s 2600 TRS is like a fishable, high-performance SUV with handling that a sports car would envy.


Thank Pathfinder’s proprietary VARIS resin-infusion system for light, robust construction and its High Performance Step hull for speed and sure-footed performance. Unlike some stepped hulls, our test boat stayed on our twisting course during tight maneuvers. Fuel efficiency with its Yamaha F300 impressed us, as did its wide range of useful cruising speeds, plus a top-end of over 50 mph. Up to 400 hp is available, but we think 300 hp is plenty. Pathfinder’s extensive experience shapes the 2600 TRS into a robust package that floats shallow but can still work offshore waters in the hands of a prudent skipper with a good weather eye.

Hinged backs in the fish-box lids create forward-facing lounges.
Hinged backs in the fish-box lids create forward-facing lounges. (Courtesy Pathfinder Boats/)

Interior and Accessories

Input from owners and Pathfinder’s hard-fishing employees helped produce thoughtful features such as slots in the hardtop for rods placed in the vertical holders. Fly anglers have a choice of those or undergunwale racks to carry up to eight long rods. A deep compartment holds two cast-net buckets. Three deep-cycle batteries and a charger for a 36-volt bow-mount electric motor are fitted so they enhance the hull’s balance. We found grab handles in all the right places.

Not fishing today? Fit the bow casting deck’s cushions. Hinged backs in the fish-box lids create forward-facing lounges. An elegant teak table fits securely. Three lids in the stern casting deck lift to reveal cushioned seats for four—the TRS in the 2600′s model name refers to Third Row Seating—with stowage and mechanical access below. A ski pylon fits into the stern deck, while the transom mounts a swim platform.

Three lids in the stern casting deck lift to reveal cushioned seats for four.
Three lids in the stern casting deck lift to reveal cushioned seats for four. (Courtesy Pathfinder Boats/)

The boat’s construction impresses. The crowned cockpit sole drains water quickly. Grated scuppers inhibit clogs, and the drains are sized to ensure that spray or rain coming aboard drains quickly through double-clamped hoses served by seacocks fitted slightly below the waterline. Gasketed hatches latch tightly over guttered openings. Such attention to detail, both large and small, makes the 2600 TRS a winner.

The head is just one of many features that makes the 2600 TRS a family fisher.
The head is just one of many features that makes the 2600 TRS a family fisher. (Courtesy Pathfinder Boats/)

How We Tested

  • Engine: Yamaha 300 hp
  • Drive/Prop: Outboard/15.25″ x 18″ Saltwater Series II SDS 3-blade
  • Gear Ratio: 1.75:1 Fuel Load: 81 gal. Crew Weight: 360 lb.

High Points

  • VARIS resin-infusion system builds a strong, light hull for speed with efficiency.
  • High Performance Step hull adds speed without compromising maneuverability.
  • Spacious casting decks fore and aft convert quickly to comfortable seating.
  • Elegant teak table for the forward cockpit stows away neatly in the console at fishing time.

Low Points

  • Entry to the console compartment is tight for adult males, but adequate for everyone else. Headroom inside is 5 feet.

Toughest Competitor

Sportsman’s Masters 267 (MSRP $113,295), though riding a nonstepped hull, compares well on dimensions, performance with a Yamaha 300XSB, and a combination of fishing and family features. The MSRP includes features such as electronics that are optional on the Pathfinder.

Pricing and Specs

Price: $112,887 (MSRP with a Yamaha F300XSB)
LOA: 26'2"
Beam: 8'10"
Draft: 1'3"
Displacement: 3,650 lb.
Transom Deadrise: 18 degrees
Bridge Clearance: 7'6"
Fuel Capacity: 81 gal.
Max Power: 450
Available Power: Single outboard to 450 hp

Speed, Efficiency, Operation

Pathfinder 2600 TRS Certified Test Results
Pathfinder 2600 TRS Certified Test Results (Boating Magazine/)

Pathfinder Boats - Fort Pierce, Florida; 888-SHALLOW;

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