Saif Ali Khan Wishes to Better his Guitar Skills and Learn Cooking

Saif Ali Khan shares how he's spending his time during the lockdown. Continue reading ...

Saif Ali Khan Wishes to Better his Guitar Skills and Learn Cooking
Saif Ali Khan is a fine guitarist and has performed with bands like Parikrama. Speaking about his passion, Saif recently revealed that he wants to better his skills with the guitar. He said he's been practising playing the guitar during the lockdown while he has the time.

Saif Ali Khan Taimur

Saif also shared how grateful he feels for being privileged. The plight of the migrant workers had left him disturbed.  He added that it left him feeling insensitive. "Me sitting and telling you how I can chill it feels a little hollow. But I think at a time like this and at all times beauty is where it always was, in great books, great music, great conversations, good thoughts, and good meals. I practise the guitar, I want to be a better guitar player. I might polish up a language like French. There are so many things to do. I am also learning to cook, and spending time with my son."

Saif Ali Khan Learning Guitar

Speaking further Saif emphasised the importance of online streaming platforms that have come to people's rescue during the lockdown. He was one of the first stars to foray into digital entertainment with Sacred Games, long before it became popular in the country. Saif said, "OTT is more artistic than films. As an artiste... you want to be in an amazing environment... Shows like Sacred Games and Pataal Lok  are showing Bombay and India for what it is, much more than any movie has shown us. So, it's insanely cool and I love it. Looking back, the decision to work on the web was a very good idea. In life when you hedge your bets it's sometimes very rewarding.

Well said, Saif.
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