SA’s new airline ‘to launch soon’ – and you can be the one who names it

It's aviation, but not as we know it. South Africans will soon have a new, 'customer-driven' airline to fly with - but wait, there's more...

SA’s new airline ‘to launch soon’ – and you can be the one who names it

Fortune favours the brave, as the old saying goes. Gidon Novick, the founder of Kulula, is certainly chancing his arm this time. He has confirmed that his plans to launch a new airline in South Africa are still on track – despite the pandemic – and the first flight on-board this emerging fleet could take place ‘within the next few months’.

The new airline, which has drawn inspiration from Uber’s high tech, customer-obsessed approach to mobility’, is a partnership between Kulula and Global Aviation, a leading operator of Airbus A320 aircraft. The first flight, between Johannesburg and Cape Town is planned for December 2020.

Uber-inspired flights?

Novick has made it clear that this new venture will be unlike anything else in the aviation industry. Inspired by the success of e-hailing app Uber, the high-flying businessman wants to create a model that better reflects passenger demand. Unnerved by the threat of COVID-19, Novick believes the market is begging for a creative solution. He told Flight Line:

“For many of us, we have been put under pressure with COVID-19 in many respects, and so efficiency is forefront in our minds. And on the flip side, there’s the opportunity for creativity. This is the time where traditional, normal ways of thinking don’t necessarily solve the problems that we are faced with.”

“Those two things have really got my mind racing towards the opportunity that I see in the airline industry. There’s an opportunity to create something new something fresh, something super-efficient. And something that resonates with the market where the market is today… it’s a very unique situation that we find ourselves in.”

How you can name the new airline in South Africa

It’s a very simple task to enter this competition. You simply visit and submit your suggestion along with a few personal details. The winner will be rewarded with a year’s worth of flights on the new airline, comprising of 12 return flights for two. This will be up to a maximum value of R2 000 per person, per flight.

Travel must be used within 12 months of the award. This competition is open until 2 October – the day after international travel returns to South Africa – with a winner being announced before 9 October 2020. In this strange new normal of ours, earning yourself a heap of free flights is the perfect ticket to end this year on a high note.

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