Scoob! Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses | ScreenRant

Scoob! is a new animated film that continues the Scooby-Doo! legacy. The movie's characters can also all be sorted into their Hogwarts Houses.

Scoob! Characters Sorted Into Hogwarts Houses | ScreenRant

Scooby-Doo has been part of pop culture for decades. He and his Scooby gang have had dozens of movies and television shows feature them solving mysteries with masked men pretending to be monsters - and ones where they’ve had to stop actual monsters. 

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For the most recent adventure, reinvents the team’s origin story and sees them take on an actual supervillain with the aid of a team of heroes. The story is more science fiction than fantasy, but this new generation of characters would certainly be familiar with Hogwarts. Velma, at the very least, would be interested knowing just where she and her friends .

10 Fred: Gryffindor

Fred isn’t the brightest of bulbs, but he means well. He’s all about justice and doing the right thing. Fred even wants to avenge his van at one point, so he’s willing to take the whole heroic thing pretty far.

He might not come up with the plans in this version of the story, but he’s certainly willing to be the one on the front lines fighting for his friends, and that makes him a Gryffindor.

9 Dick Dastardly: Slytherin

Dick Dastardly does nothing for Slytherin’s image problem. are Slytherins, but he certainly is.

Other than his loyalty to his own dog, Dastardly doesn’t really care about anything except his own power and wealth. He wants to be the guy everyone bows down to; his dog getting caught up in that was just an unfortunate oversight on his part.

8 Dee Dee Sykes: Ravenclaw

Pilot of the Falcon Fury and all around hero, Dee Dee is actually difficult to sort. She’s clearly committed to saving the day as much as any hero, but she’s also the one doing most of the research into just what it is the bad guy is after.

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Dee Dee is clearly the brains in the Falcon operation. She’s the one who wants to get as much information as she can in order to figure out the next step in a plan. That sounds pretty Ravenclaw, though she might be disappointed she isn’t sorted into Gryffindor.

7 Dynomutt: Gryffindor

The Blue Falcon’s sidekick is a whole lot more than a sidekick in this version of the story. He’s the one calling the shots on the battlefield, for the most part. 

Dynomutt is brave, committed to doing what he sees as the right thing, and pretty stuck on his own opinions. He constantly looks down on Brian for not being as heroic as his father, though he eventually realizes that Brian needs a pep talk and not criticism, so he switches tactics. Dynomutt knows how to get through to heroes.

6 Daphne: Hufflepuff

In the live action version of Scooby-Doo, Daphne is more of a Gryffindor as she learns to physically defend herself and her team, putting herself on the front line. This operates on the talk first principle. She’s all heart. Velma even refers to her as an empath.

Daphne is immediately accepting of pretty much anyone. The little robots that hold her captive for Dick Dastardly? She befriends them. She’s, quite possibly, the nicest member of the Scooby Gang ever.

5 Captain Caveman: Gryffindor

Like Dick Dastardly and the Falcon team, Captain Caveman is a classic that joins in on the fun. He’s actually an obstacle for the Falcon team as he’s guarding the last skull that Dick Dastardly needs for his plan.

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Captain Caveman is welcoming and friendly, but he’s got a job to do. That’s the only reason he decides to fight the Blue Falcon. That sense of duty doesn’t clash with his sense of morality. He has no idea what the skills are of the people he might be going up against, but he takes them on anyway. 

4 Velma: Ravenclaw

Could Velma ever be sorted into any Hogwarts house other than Ravenclaw? Sure, she’s brave and has a lot of loyalty for her friends, but she’s also someone who is completely fascinated by the world around her.

At one point, Velma even voices how impressed she is with the design of Dick Dastardly’s robots, much to Daphne and Fred’s displeasure. Velma wants to know how things work first instead of worrying about why they exist. 

3 Shaggy: Hufflepuff

Shaggy is often the butt of the jokes in the old cartoons. He’s usually not quite as intelligent as his friends, but that’s not the case here. Instead, Shaggy comes up with plans just as often as Velma or Daphne, though it does surprise them.

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Ultimately, however, friendship is the most important thing to him. He walks away from Mystery Inc. when he believes that they’re going to choose funding over friendship. Shaggy risks everything to save Scooby-Doo. He’s even willing to be stuck in Alexander the Great’s magical underworld treasure chest forever to save his best friend.

2 Blue Falcon: Gryffindor

In the Hanna-Barbera world, Blue Falcon is one truly super hero. This version of the Blue Falcon is actually Brian, the son of the one Shaggy looked up to as a kid. Brian has a tough time living up to his father’s image, but he desperately wants to be a hero.

He focuses on his look - and other people’s perception of him - first. By the end of the movie, however, he’s no longer hiding in a “superior vantage point,” but in the thick of the fight, saving the day. It takes him a while, but he grows into his Gryffindor sorting.

1 Scooby-Doo: Hufflepuff

It’s tempting to sort Scooby-Doo into Gryffindor. After all, he’s ready to be seen as the hero long before Shaggy even steps off the Falcon Fury. Truthfully though, Scooby is the epitome of loyalty.

He and Shaggy have their very first fight, and it wears on him when they go their separate ways. Scooby might want to be seen as special by other people, but he’s more concerned with being there for the friends he already has. 

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