Seattle’s Paine Field To Begin Screening Passengers

Seattle’s Paine Field (PAE) has implemented fever detection systems for passengers as of April 29th. The method is…

Seattle’s Paine Field To Begin Screening Passengers

Seattle’s Paine Field (PAE) has implemented fever detection systems for passengers as of April 29th. The method is non-invasive and non-contact. Passengers will be screened prior to entering the security checkpoint.

Paine Field
Seattle’s Paine Field is now screening passengers for fevers. Photo: Paine Field

Paine Field adds fever detection system

Athena Security has developed an Elevated Body Temperature Detection System that Propellor Airports, the operator of Paine Field, has installed in the stylish terminal just before the TSA checkpoint.

According to a press release, the system is non-invasive and no-touch. Passengers approach the system and are screened for a fever. If a person does have a fever, then the airport staff will conduct secondary health screening. If a passenger does have a fever, the airline and the passenger will determine if the person can travel.

Paine Field check in
The check-in area at Paine Field. Photo: Paine Field

This is the next step Paine Field is taking in order to ensure the health of passengers. Since March, the airport has also been using UV technology to disinfect the terminal. This includes areas with a number of touchpoints, such as the kiosks in the passenger check-in area.

We are employing enhanced cleaning protocols to maximize the safety and well-being of everyone. The machine in this video is the GermFalcon #UVHammer. It uses UVC lighting to kill 99% of viruses and bacteria.

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Brett Smith, CEO of Propellor Airports, had the following comment:

“Since opening, we have been committed to staying on the forefront of trends and innovations to provide the best possible experience to our passengers, and we’re proud to be the first U.S. passenger terminal to roll out this type of technology. The use of this system will allow us to maintain the seamless, safe and modern travel experience our customers have come to expect.”

It is unclear what will happen to passengers if they are determined to have a fever. Some airlines are asking passengers to certify that they are not traveling with a fever. However, it is likely that if passengers are not healthy, then airlines will seek to keep them from flying. But, passengers should not be traveling if they feel they have a fever– or do have a fever.

Seating lounge
Passengers will not be able to enter the comfortable seating lounge without clearing a temperature check. Photo: Paine Field

The future of travel

This technology will likely stick around for a while– if not permanently. Airlines and airports are attempting to navigate this crisis and emerge stronger at the end of it. More passengers than before care about staying safe while flying– evident in new trends of shaming full flights and passengers not wearing masks.

Paine Field
Paine Field is also using UV technology to disinfect check-in areas. Photo: Simple Flying

So, airlines are turning to technology. Etihad Airways is testing out kiosks that monitor passengers’ health before flights. Like this system in Seattle, it is also non-invasive. However, it does monitor some other vital signs like heart rate and respiratory rate.

Paine Field

The airport is known to be a significant Boeing center. Widebody aircraft, including the 787, are assembled in Everett. In fact, the 777X took its maiden flight from Paine Field. For avgeeks, there are some incredible planespotting opportunities at the airport. It is not every day you see a China Southern 777 taking off from a regional US airport.

Alaska Airlines
An Alaska Airlines Embraer jet at the gate at Paine Field. Photo: Simple Flying

Everett’s Paine Field has only been in operation for about a year. The incredible airport is unlike any other commercial terminal in the world. It is incredibly stylish and offers a small, intimate passenger experience.

United Express
United also flies regional jets to Paine Field. Photo: Simple Flying

Only two major US airlines fly into Paine Field– Alaska Airlines and United Airlines. Both fly regional aircraft to the airport. Although, Alaska Airlines has more extensive operations at PAE than United.

Do you think Paine Field is making the right decision? Should more airports screen passengers for symptoms of an illness? Let us know in the comments!

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