Shireen Gallie, Bellville: Teachers’ lockdown anthem goes viral

The Settlers High School in Bellville tapped into their creative side to express how much staff members miss the learners, says principal Shireen Gallie.

Shireen Gallie, Bellville: Teachers’ lockdown anthem goes viral

Our school launched its lockdown anthem on social media to great acclaim from parents, learners and alumni. The YouTube views alone have reached more than 39 000 views!

Watch the video here:

Music video sparked by teachers missing learners

A discussion on our staff’s WhatsApp group revealed how much they missed the learners and sparked the idea to demonstrate how they feel.

Besides academics, we pride ourselves on being a very musical and creative school and it was therefore decided to be the best way to show them.

The production of the music video was spearheaded and coordinated by our deputy principal Hugo Smuts, who is the head of music and culture at the school and a celebrated musician in his own right.

School’s theme and values

The music video is aligned with our school’s theme and values — determination, respect, integrity, vision and excellence — for the year. 

The video also features two teachers who received Protea colours for ballroom dancing of whom we are extremely proud of.

The learners love the video. It brought many of them to tears to see that we do miss them.

Generally, our learners are happy at school and most of them genuinely miss the school — their second home.  Our learners, parents and friends of the school alike have sent us messages of support, appreciation and gratitude.  At Settlers we always go the extra mile.

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World Rugby homophobia scandal could cost the sport its Olympic berth

Voting for World Rugby's chairperson position opened on Monday 27 April with incumbent former England captain Bill Beaumont facing competition from ex-Argentina skipper Agustin Pichot.

World Rugby homophobia scandal could cost the sport its Olympic berth

Sevens Rugby could lose its spot at the Olympics after a scandal erupted at World Rugby that has thrown into question the leadership of the sport.

World Rugby’s vetting policy was called into question after the nomination of Francis Kean of Fiji for a place on the global governing body’s executive committee.

World Rugby Homophobia row threatens to derail election

The former chief of the Fijian Navy, Kean was convicted of manslaughter in 2007, but it is fresh allegations of discrimination, and the use of violent and homophobic language. The allegations stem from comments made by Kean while fulfilling his concurrent role in charge of Fiji’s prison services.

Kean has withdrawn his bid for the executive committee and resigned as chairperson of the Fiji Rugby Union board. Still, critics want answers from World Rugby and the French Rugby board who seconded the Fijians nomination.

Olympics on the line

Pacific Rugby Players Welfare CEO Daniel Leo expressed dismay at World Rugby’s failure to investigate Kean’s nomination and said he would personally write to the International Olympic Committee if the organisation currently chaired by Bill Beaumont does not act.

“We are taking advice from our lawyers about a letter we are drafting. I’m disappointed that World Rugby haven’t launched an open investigation into Kean and France for nominating him.

“If World Rugby don’t commit to governance reforms, our next letter will be to the International Olympic Committee, asking that they consider suspending rugby as an Olympic sport until they are fully compliant with IOC obligations,” Leo said.

Beaumont is standing for re-election to the Chairperson role but faces a stiff challenge from his number two Augustin Pichot. The former Argentina halfback has the backing of the Rugby Championship nations while Beaumont’s support base centres in the northern hemisphere. Beaumont counts Fiji as one of his few southern supporters.

World Rugby election battle

The 45-year-old Pichot or the 68-year-old former England captain Beaumont must claim a majority of the 51 votes to be elected on a four-year term with results set to be announced on 12 May 2020.

Pichot has campaigned on promises to modernise the game while Beaumont has focused on opening up the sport.

“I will start the discussions with the Nations Championship blueprint, but I’m not sure if that will be the outcome,” Pichot told AFP

“It will talk about the emerging nations, more money for the women’s game,” he added. 

Both men are keen to further discussions on the proposed Nations League.

“Going forward I’m sure there will be a variant of that,” Beaumont said.

World Rugby welcomed the decision of the Fiji Rugby Union to stand down Kean from the World Rugby Council after accusations of “rampant homophobia”.

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