Southern Charm: Kathryn Dennis Dropped from Clothing Brand amid Racism Allegations

Kathryn Dennis has been dropped as brand ambassador for a South Carolina-based clothing store after being accused of sending racist messages

Southern Charm: Kathryn Dennis Dropped from Clothing Brand amid Racism Allegations

Southern Charm star Kathryn Dennis has been dropped as a brand ambassador for a Charleston, South Carolina-based clothing store after being accused of sending racist messages to activist Mika Gadsden earlier this week.

The Bravo star and mother of two got into an intense Twitter battle with Gadsden on Monday over a Trump Boat Parade planned by local Charleston businesses. Dennis arguing with Gadsden over whether or not supporting President Trump made her a racist soon escalated into a racially insensitive rant. Although she apologized, it was too little too late. Dennis used to also intern at the South Carolina store, Gwynn’s of Mount Pleasant, after her close friend and co-owner, Madison Simon helped her get an interview in an episode of the Bravo reality hit.

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Despite their history, Gwynn's went to Instagram this write a statement to their followers past Wednesday, to explain why they have decided to drop the Southern Charm star. Check out the clothing brand's full statement in the Instagram post below:

According to BuzzFeed News, Dennis sent a total of 28 rage messages to activist Gadsden, going so far as to send her a derogatory monkey emoji and calling her a “psycho.” Soon after, Dennis admitted that “using a monkey emoji … was offensive.” She then publicly retracted her tweets with an apology: “From the bottom of my heart I sincerely apologize to anyone and everyone I hurt. Although the context was not my intention, there are no 'if ands or buts' that excuse me … I did not give it thought, and it was and is wrong. I know I am not that person. I know and will do better." Gadsden wasn't buying her response as she replied, "Apology not accepted."

Dennis has had quite the go of it in the past year after a tough, drawn-out custody battle with Thomas Ravenel that included Ravenel's ex Ashley Jacobs calling her "an egg donor." Despite the name of the show, Dennis and the rest of the southern cast are not known for being the most charming. After a delay in production, the seventh season of Southern Charm is set to premiere sometime late in the year.

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Silicon Valley: D&D Moral Alignments Of The Main Characters

Where in the spectrum of the Dungeons&Dragons moral alignments do the characters from Silicon Valley fall into?

Silicon Valley: D&D Moral Alignments Of The Main Characters

is a witty, yet incisive, caricature of the innumerable nerds and geeks that try to make it big in the world of computers. The shows accurate representation of tech has been lauded by several IT behemoths, including Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, and Elon Musk, who praised the show by comparing it with their own experiences in the field.

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However, Silicon Valley is not limited to the perspective of the underdogs — in fact, it shows us a sneaky preview of business deals being snatched away by massive companies, much like it happens in the real world. Given the diverse mixture of characters in the show, we have chosen a few crucial ones and matched them with their appropriate morality alignment as per the system used in Dungeons & Dragons.

9 Jared Dunn - Lawful Good (Crusader)

Jared Dunn is Richard's closest friend, although the latter doesn't always notice how much Jared sacrifices for him. He has always been a kind man, choosing to place the well-being and comfort of people above his own. We see this when Jared reveals to the gang that his real name was Donald — but he didn't have the heart to correct the mistake.

As a Crusader, Jared is the first to call out any instances of misogyny or white privilege, even if it's coming from his idol, Richard, as we see when he rebukes the latter for his openly racist towards Jìan-Yáng for kicking him out of the incubator.

8 Monica Hall - Neutral Good (Benefactor)

Monica is the glue that holds Pied Piper together, being the only one in the group with any business sense. She has often tried to help the guys out — believing in them and their algorithm when nobody else would. Monica is a true Benefactor; she is committed to aiding people with all she's got.

She is also one of the very few people who stuck with the company till the end, rejecting an offer by Laurie Bream to partner up, so she could handle Pied Piper's investments as its Chief Financial Officer. Monica is blessed with considerable amounts of patience, seeing as she could handle being around the inflated egos of Richard and his team for several years.

7 Dinesh Chugtai - Chaotic Good (Rebel)

Dinesh Chugtai is one of the core members on Richard's team — helping him build the Pied Piper algorithm from the ground up. He is generally a nice guy but can be cruel and untrustworthy at times, as seen when he refuses to lend Richard the algorithm to PiperChat, a subsidiary of Pied Piper, of which he was the CEO.

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Being a Rebel, Dinesh takes any slight to his masculinity or his intelligence very seriously — in one case, devising a plan to murder some guy because he was dating a girl Dinesh wanted. His inconsistent persona creates several problems, such as when he tries to gain the respect of his employees by obtaining pointless accessories for his new Tesla.

6 Richard Hendricks - Lawful Neutral (Judge)

Richard is a shy, timid man who looks like he hasn't seen the sun in years — which is probably true because he spends his waking hours furiously coding away at his desk. Richard exhibits several traits typical of the Judge, such as his meticulous expectations when it comes to his project.

For instance, he regularly tells the guys to keep a record of all their work in case something goes wrong (this advice is often ignored, with comical results). Richard is a principled character, be it refusing to sell out to big tech companies or hatching an idea to create a free internet for everyone: without ads, distractions, or surveillance.

5 Laurie Bream - True Neutral (Undecided)

Laurie Bream is so cold and calculating that she may as well be a robot. Nevertheless, her experience lends her a powerful role to play in the story — one which she takes on, not because she has faith in Pied Piper, but because she has faith in the money that the algorithm will generate.

Her True Neutral persona is the best visible when she calls Monica in for a meeting almost immediately after giving birth — showing that not even something as intense as that could alter her focus. Laurie makes decisions based only on numbers, finding subjective data to be crass, negligible, and of no scientific value.

4 Erlich Bachman - Chaotic Neutral (Free Spirit)

Erlich Bachman is hated as much as he is loved. For this reason, we have classified him as a Free Spirit — one who marches to the beat of his own drum, so to speak. Erlich owns the Hacker Hostel, where Richard and the other members of Pied Piper first develop their product.

He rarely behaves in a conventional manner: he drove a car plastered with the logos of his previous company, even when he was ensured a considerable windfall from his Pied Piper shares. Erlich's nature leads him to a monastery in Tibet, where he is unfortunately held back as a prisoner by men paid off by Gavin Belson.

3 Bertram Gilfoyle - Lawful Evil (Dominator)

Gilfoyle is the smartest coder in the company, except probably for Richard. He tends to blow his own trumpet, waxing eloquent about his magnificent achievements in computer programming. As a Dominator, Gilfoyle likes to play mind games with other people to prove his intelligence — these other people are usually limited to Dinesh, who has to bear the brunt of Gilfoyle's megalomania.

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He pretends to be edgy, joining a Satanist cult to display his scorn towards organized religion; but in actuality, he lives within a tightly bound set of codes, becoming very anxious (although no emotion appears on his face) when his ideas fail to go as planned.

2 Jìan-Yáng - Neutral Evil (Malefactor)

Jìan-Yáng is an ex-pat from China who shares Erlich's incubator with Richard, Gilfoyle and Dinesh. Initially, he seems to be a silent, shy person, rarely getting himself involved in Pied Piper discussions. However, as the series progresses he begins to portray the Malefactor — a callous person who has no qualms with ripping out the lives of people in his path.

This is first seen when he rejects Erlich's simple rules of domestic maintenance, for example when he burns garbage or pours liquid into the solid waste container. Jìan-Yáng's goal is to imitate the success of Piped Piper, moving back home and recreating a diluted version of the algorithm for the Chinese market.

1 Gavin Belson - Chaotic Evil (Destroyer)

Gavin is the personification of Chaotic Evil — his greed for power is surpassed only by his vindictiveness for those who insult his honor. He is the longest-running antagonist of the show, appearing at various times and various moods, seeking only to crush the hope out of Richard Hendricks and Pied Piper.

He portrays all the classic signs of the Destroyer — selfishness, brutality, instability, and brimming with malicious intent. However, his plans never succeed, forcing him into situations where he ends up destroying his home's interior in a fit of rage (always because of something to do with Pied Piper's success.)

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