Southern Charm: Thomas Exposes Patricia in Scathing Mothers Day Post

Southern Charm's Thomas Ravanel decided to expose Patricia Altschul in a scathing Mother's Day post by calling out her "racist" home decor.

Thomas Ravanel of Southern Charm decided to expose Patricia Altschul in a scathing Mother's Day post by calling out her "racist" home decor. The former South Carolina treasurer used to be pals with the socialite, but the tables have turned, and he is no longer holding back. 

Back in March, it was brought to viewers’ attention that the matriarch of Southern Charm was being called out for how she decorated her Christmas tree, specifically used two Confederate flags, and many were waiting on Bravo to comment. The silence was deafening, and now Ravenel is speaking his mind. The wealthy socialite relocated to Charleston from New York in 2008. She has also claimed she owns the bed where Robert E. Lee was born and even has a lock of hair from the Civil War Confederate general. These accusations have not shocked fans since Altschul often posts about her southern heritage on social media. To fans, it seems like she just doesn’t give a damn. 

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Like many Bravo fans, Ravenel is questioning why Bravo isn’t outing and firing Altschul for her love of everything confederate. The father of two took to his Twitter on Mother’s Day to blast the show's matriarch for her tasteless home decor. He asked why Bravo thinks it is a good idea to employ a “racist.” And frankly, fans also would like to know why the network has not addressed the issue, especially since we watched this last season as Leva Bonaparte openly talked about the Black Lives Matter movement.

Ravenel was shady, and instead of wishing his old friend a happy Mother’s Day, he blasted her all over social media, not to mention theorizing that Bravo actually is covering for the 80-year-old writing, “Typical ornaments one will see at Pat Altschul’s home. I wonder why Bravo never captures them on the show?” Fans asked why this was the first time Ravenel was speaking out on the subject. The politician answers honestly, tweeting, guess I was a little stunned. I’ve not much experience around true racists. There was zero tolerance in my home.  But they do exist, and then I started reviewing old pictures and seeing all the evidence pile up, and the disgust started to sink in, and it needs to be exposed.”

Ravenel ended his revelation by asking for Bravo to do better and end their relationship with her. But in a tongue-in-cheek statement, he made it clear Bravo uses the queen of the show for monetary reasons. The network has yet to respond, and neither has Altschul. There is no telling what the next season of Southern Charm will look like. 

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