SPAR branch stops burger, stationary sales to support local business

The Western Cape outlet said that now is the time for customers to take their business to local restaurants and stationers who need a boost.

SPAR branch stops burger, stationary sales to support local business

A western cape SPAR outlet has made the decision to stop selling certain goods in order for customers to reach out to local businesses in desperate need of customers. 

The Palm Grove SPAR in Durbanville have ceased sales of stationary and burgers to encourage its own customers to take their business elsewhere, specifically businesses in the area that have reopened since lockdown regulations were relaxed at the end of April and are in dire need of a boost. 

‘Salute our neighbours’ 

In a statement sent out by the outlet, they said that they are grateful to have been allowed to remain open throughout the lockdown, and that now was time for residents to support other businesses that need help. 

“Four months ago, we wrote down our 2020 New Year’s vision but not even those with the clearest 20/20 vision could have seen what was coming,” they said. “As the sun sets over our store tonight, we are overwhelmed with gratitude.”

“We are open, we are serving our community, and our staff are able to earn an income while we are doing what we love.”

“While we moved one stage closer to potential ‘normality’, we stop to breathe. Over the past few weeks, our breath was taken away several times. Mostly in disbelief. We watched as our lives were brought to a grinding halt.”

“Now, we want to salute our neighbours. The ones that over the past few weeks were no longer “Workers” and unable to generate any income.”

No burgers or stationary  

They said that they would rather customers took their business to local stationers and burger joints. 

“We will be closing our stationery section and asking that you instead support Hein and his team at PenCafe Stationers,” they said, and said that customers should go online and order burgers from another local business. 

“We will remove all Frozen Burger Patties from our shelf and ask that you support Werner and the RocoMamas team when deciding what Burger to enjoy. They are still unable to welcome you into their restaurant, but Mr D will be able to bring their flavours to your doorstep.”

They said that it is an opportune time to help one-another, and will continue to discontinue goods at their store if they are made aware of others who are more in need of some foot traffic. 

“As owner-run businesses, we now more than ever, need to support each other. Please help us by sharing this message with all your connections.”

Source : The South African More