Spider-Man's Daughter & Venom Are PARTNERS in Marvel's Future

May “Mayday” Parker, the Spider-Girl of the future joins forces with the Venom symbiote - bonded to her friend, Norman Osborn's grandson.

Spider-Man's Daughter & Venom Are PARTNERS in Marvel's Future

Despite the odds given their family history, Marvel's Spider-Girl comic confirms Peter Parker’s daughter May joins forces with the Venom symbiote, to face the Avengers of the future. As far as unexpected confrontations go, spider and symbiote vs the Earth’s Mightiest Heroes could be one of the most outlandish. But anything is possible in the future, especially in comic books.

For the unfamiliar, May "Mayday" Parker's version of Spider-Girl exists in a version of the future where Peter Parker has retired as Spider-Man, trading in the mask and webs to live the family life with his wife, Mary Jane Watson. But when May, their eldest child, inherits her father’s arachnid abilities, she heroically assumes the mantle of Spider-Girl. May’s Earth-982 contains plenty of future versions of Spidey’s friends (like the Avengers) and foes (like Lady Octopus). But the apple doesn’t fall far from the web concerning Osborns and Goblins, either. Normie Osborn--the son of Harry Osborn and grandson of Norman--is one of Mayday’s closest friends, and has had his own Goblin struggles. However, May’s compassion helps Normie shed his Goblin legacy and the two succeed in partnership where the Parker and Osborns of the past had failed.

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When Osborn unwillingly bonds with the symbiote that’s plagued Spider-Man for years, Mayday and Normie’s friendship is tested, but triumphs, as Spider-Girl helps him escape Venom. May is disappointed by Normie's refusal to destroy the alien menace, but the young Osborn rationalizes that if he could defeat the Goblin within him, managing a symbiote should be no problem. But when he makes his heroic debut, he rejects the name Venom, emphasizing his union with the alien is something unique.

Although May trusts the offspring of Osborn, the future Earth’s Mightiest Heroes don’t share those feelings. The Avengers suspect Normie is preparing for a return to a life of crime, and discover the truth about the symbiote. The team confronts Normie but the conflict quickly erupts out of control, as Spider-Girl joins to defend Osborn, and a Scarlet Witch hex-blast inadvertently causes a nanite-powered Jim Rhodes to lose control, attacking anyone within the vicinity. It takes the combined might of the Avengers, a temporarily unretired Tony Stark, Spider-Girl, and symbiote suit Normie to subdue “cyber-Rhodey”. Osborn’s heroics earn him some credibility with the other heroes, allowing him to maintain the symbiote and proving May’s instincts to support her friend correct.

May’s handling of the delicate Osborn/symbiote situation is just one instance illustrating how impressive a hero she grows into. "Mayday" has been one of the most successful Spider-characters and owns the bragging rights as Marvel’s longest-running female hero, with Spider-Girl clocking 100 uninterrupted issues from 1998 to 2006. In recent years, Spider-Girl has graduated to using the moniker of Spider-Woman, after her invaluable contributions storyline. Earth-982’s Spider-Woman doesn’t currently have a solo title, but is featured prominently in the Spider-Verse sequel, Spider-Geddon, and Spider-Girls, a spinoff centered on female spider characters.

Fans of May await her next chapter and adventures, and the character deserves a chance in the spotlight again. Given her prominence in the Spider-Verse comics, perhaps it isn’t out of the question to expect an appearance on the big screen. In addition to the sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, . Either of those vehicles would be the perfect place for someone like Spider-Girl to maneuver a Venom/Osborn combo. Hopefully, Mayday will have her day in the near future.

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