Stanford Study Exposes Secret “Hot Spot” Where Hot Younger Women Go To Hookup (Try This & Quit Tinder For Good!)

Where To Meet Younger Women In Person & Hookup With Them Easier Than Ever Before–No Swiping Necessary…   Click Here Now ... Read more 941 Views The post Stanford Study Exposes Secret “Hot Spot” Where Hot Younger Women Go To Hookup (Try This & Quit Tinder For Good!) appeared first on Gotham Club.

Stanford Study Exposes Secret “Hot Spot” Where Hot Younger Women Go To Hookup (Try This & Quit Tinder For Good!)

Where To Meet Younger Women In Person & Hookup With Them Easier Than Ever Before–No Swiping Necessary…  

I’m guessing you’ve got at least a handful of friends who met their sweeties online.

Maybe you and your friends use online dating for casual hookups. Or maybe you even know someone who tied the knot with someone they met online!

Of course, online dating is hugely popular. What used to be a little bit taboo, especially for young people, is now extremely commonplace.

In fact, you might suspect that apps like Tinder make it harder to hit on someone in person!

After all, it’s easier to make an advance, and deal with rejection, if it’s happening online instead of in line, say, at the supermarket.


So, these days, about forty percent of couples are meeting online. (For same-sex couples, that’s a whopping sixty-five percent!)

Yeah, online dating is huge, and for some people it works.

But it’s not the only way!

With the rise of online dating, you might suspect that the number of couples who meet in person has gone way down.

I mean, back before Tinder, people had to meet each other in person, and where better to do that than a bar or restaurant?

Think again.

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Did You Know More Women Are Quitting Tinder And Going HERE to Find Hookups And Sex?

Meanwhile, twenty-five percent of couples these days report meeting at a bar or restaurant.

That’s a much smaller number than forty, right? But it’s still pretty substantial!

Amazingly, in 1940, only ten percent of couples reported meeting in a bar or restaurant.

What!? If those folks weren’t meeting each other when wining and dining, then where the heck were they meeting?

Well, probably a lot of ways—dating was a lot less casual back then, so they were being set up by their parents a lot more often. Or they met through church, or other similar activities, or mutual friends.

After all, a lot of our lives have moved online now, which eliminates a lot of the old-fashioned ways of meeting folks.


For example, dating your neighbor took a nosedive starting in 2000, right around the time online dating became more popular.

Whatever happened to the girl next door thing?

Tinder erased her, my friend. She’s inside staring a the glow of her smartphone.

In fact, some people might even feel creepy making a move in person, when it’s so much easier to do it online. I mean, when someone’s on a dating app, at least you know what they’re looking for, right?

Meeting through family members has also fallen in popularity—who needs Mom’s awkward suggestions when you’ve got the Tinder universe at your fingertips!

Now, I’m not telling you all of this to encourage you to dash off and update your Tinder pics.

Just wait, there’s a secret here!

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How Bars & Restaurants Make It Actually Easy to Meet Hot Single Women…

How can this information help you find your next date?

The restaurant/bar scene is an untapped gold mine, my friend.

Don’t just take my word for it—this information comes from a new study put out by Stanford University!

According to the study, online dating recently defeated friend-of-a-friend dating. In other words, before 1995, your best shot at hooking up with somebody was your bro introducing you.

Now, couples are meeting via mutual friends much less frequently, the study shows.

Instead, they’re meeting online, of course.

But guess where else they’re meeting?

Out and about!


That’s right, couples are hooking up at bars and restaurants like it’s 1989.

The Stanford study revealed that just about every method of meeting a partner has decreased since the rise of online dating—from meeting through friends, to meeting as coworkers—except one.

That one way? Meeting in bars and restaurants!

Like online dating, meeting this way is on the rise.

Hm. Maybe that’s because there’s one thing you can’t do through an app (yet): eat and drink!

Nope, you can’t eat your Pinterest board, folks. (Not that I’ve tried.)

People are still going out with their friends, at least once in a while, even with so much fun and excitement on the internet.

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That’s Not All…

What does that mean for a guy on the lookout for his next relationship, or his next hookup?

Go to restaurants and bars.

That’s your homework!

You might feel awkward at first, but it’s a public place. It’s not like you’re knocking on her front door. If she’s not interested, she’ll make that clear, and you can move on to the next pretty lady.

But she might just be flattered! After all, in a digital world, a lot of us have started to crave face-to-face interaction.


And who doesn’t want to have a meet-cute?

Aren’t we all getting a little tired of the “We met on Tinder” line?

So what are you waiting for? Take a shower, put on your favorite shirt, grab your buddies, and hit the town.

Meeting in a bar or restaurant gives you something to talk about right away—what are you drinking? What are you eating? Do you come here often? You get the picture.

However, I get it… it's not always “easy” to approach new women, even if you have a question prepared.

So that's why I always recommend you try this (especially if you want to take a hot girl home at the end of the night):

The #1 Easiest Way to Strike Up a Conversation With These Hot DTF Women (& Bang Them)…

It can be nerve-wracking to walk up to a complete stranger at a bar or restaurant, I won’t deny that…

But the science doesn't lie:

If she’s there and isn't with a guy or wearing a wedding ring…

(This includes women who are out in groups too by the way… because most guys don’t realize this, but “girls’ night out” is basically girl code for “let’s go out and get laid”)

Personally, I find it extremely frustrating when I’m out hoping to meet a regular fun guy… and they just don’t come up to talk to me.

However, you don't have to be one of these guys who goes to a bar and just stands against a wall with a drink to your chest…

I’d LOVE it if a guy came up to me and started up a conversation this way!

It’s very light, it doesn’t come off as phony at all… and it’s a great way to get a conversation rolling… especially in a bar or restaurant.

Because if the lighting is dim, and she's REALLY feeling frisky… she may even try to feel you up under the table ????

It was created by Gotham Club’s founder Craig Miller, and if guys at bars talked to me like this… well… I wouldn’t be single.

So below is a short, powerful presentation that shows you what to say… when to say it for the FASTEST hookup possible…

Plus what you can follow it up with to make her hot and horny for you… and eager to bang you that same night:


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And it used to stress me out too.

After all, what's involved in meeting a new woman, and eventually getting her to open up to you?


There's the place…

The choosing of the girl and the opening…

The conversation…

When do you start moving up that escalation ladder?

It's impossibly complex!

But I have since discovered a way to make this process a lot easier–it's something that almost entirely prevents rejection, and can easily get a girl to give you her number or agree to a date during your very first interaction with her.

It starts with a famous example from author and plastic surgeon Maxwell Maltz.

His famous example was picking up a pencil, and today I'm going to extend that to picking up a new playmate.

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The Bizarre Link Between Picking Up a Pencil & Picking Up Hot Girls…

What’s involved in picking up a pencil? That is totally simple, isn’t it?

Which muscle do you start with?

Do you know?

On the other hand, do you know how to speak?

Do you know what you are trying to do when you start to wade your way through the first conversation with a new woman?


Sure you do.

However… when it's time to close your fingers around the pencil, do you know which muscles are involved, and in what order they will be used?

Probably not.

Yet, you are likely positive that you can pick up a pencil–and dubious about your ability to pickup women.

Something in this equation doesn't make sense.

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Is It Easier Because You Can Already See The Outcome?

It's surprising to me, but while many of my clients have heard about a wide range of self-improvement philosophies and thought leaders–like Tony Robbins and Napoleon Hill's Think & Grow Rich–most haven't even heard of the seminal work by Maxwell Maltz:


The basic point is that you have a Goal-Seeking Mechanism built into you. And this mechanism, like a stinger missile, mainly needs to know what you are going after.

In the case of women, do you know what you're going after?

You probably have a particular type. There's a particular set of physical features that turns you on, and ticks all your boxes.

As an example, I personally like a woman with a small waist.

I can't explain why, but although I've happily been with women who don't have that hourglass hip-to-waist-to-bust ratio… when I do have it between my hands, I have an additional thrill.


That means that when I think about what I want–imagining myself walking into a bar or being approached at a coffee shop… if I picture the woman as having my ideal ratio, my excitement about this vision goes up.

Do you see what I'm getting at?

When you can picture the exact woman you want, your own imagination will rev up your motivation. It will push you past the hesitation to put yourself in a situation where rejection is a possible outcome.

These are some of the surface benefits of making a mental picture of your ideal woman–AND the successful experience of meeting her.

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Here's What This Looks Like In Action (And Why It Works So Well)…

The first step to using this “Pencil Trick” to successfully pickup hot girls is to truly imagine what you want in a woman.

I'll illustrate this with my own personal example.

To begin with, there are many other characteristics besides a small waist that excite me.

A lively imagination and a quick wit are harder to picture, but they massively increase my interest in a woman I've just met. In fact, they are “must-have” features for me.

So when you do this, make a list of the features that you want in a woman–and keep adding to it.


Of course, it will start pretty simple:

“Hot. She's gotta be hot.”

But go deeper than that.

Maybe you want a nice hip-to-waist ratio like I do, or maybe you want your woman well-endowed, or “baby has to have back.”

Maybe it's legs.

I certainly do need a good pair of legs, and I'm also partial to small ankles.

Sexually adventurous?

A lot of guys have that as a “must-have,” especially if they've been with a woman who wasn't fulfilling them.

There is a much deeper benefit to this exercise too:

Somehow, when you've imagined being with your ideal woman–you are practicing what to do in the actual situation.

So when you see her in real life, you will be better at it.

You will have a much greater chance of success when you've already been there in your mind.

And here's how this helps you get her in bed with you:

How To Use This “Pencil Trick” to Have Sex With Her…

Like I said, if you can picture a beautiful woman giving you her number, or leaning in to kiss you…

… then there’s a MUCH higher chance of it actually happening once you’re talking to her.

So here’s how to go from that initial touch or kiss… to having sex with her:

Because women are highly emotional, they make decisions based on what they feel…

And while these 3 touches do seem “friendly”… they will also make her feel kinda turned on if you use them right.

(That’s because they target 3 sensitive areas on a woman’s body, which are jam-packed with sexual nerve endings. )

So after a couple of minutes of using these touches, she’s going to get more and more turned on…

… and that’s going to make her want to have sex with you REALLY fast:

[Note: This post was updated by Gotham Club on September 2, 2019.]


The post This “Pencil Trick” Makes Picking Up Hot Girls a Piece Of Cake appeared first on Gotham Club.

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