Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker Video Reveals Inside Of Rey's Lightsaber

A newly released video from Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker concept artist Matthew Savage shows the inner workings of Rey's lightsaber.

Star Wars: Rise Of Skywalker Video Reveals Inside Of Rey's Lightsaber

A new video reveals the inner workings of the lightsaber that Daisy Ridley's Rey builds for herself at the end of . In the final scene of The Rise of Skywalker, Rey is seen burying Luke and Leia's lightsabers near Luke's childhood home on Tatooine. She then reveals her own unique lightsaber, that contains some upgrades over most versions of the traditional Jedi weapon seen previously in Star Wars canon.

Rey's new lightsaber was constructed from scavenged parts, a nod to her backstory as a scavenger on Jakku, including her old staff. The lightsaber yellow and is revealed to open differently, using a gear at the top of the hilt of the lightsabers, which is twisted and releases the blade.

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And now we get to see the inner workings of the lightsaber, thanks to a concept art video and images posted by The Rise of Skywalker concept artist Matthew Savage on Instagram. The art, which you can see below, reveals where the kyber crystal is located, and the protective cage that surrounds it. The video shows that the hilt of the lightsaber can be removed, and that the cage surrounding the kyber crystal has a small gate that swings open. Take a look:

In the post, Savage mentions that the concept was developed in pre-production, before the color of Rey's lightsaber had been revealed, which is why in the images, the crystal is a neutral blue. However, the video shows the crystal as the yellow used in the final film. This artwork presents new insight into Rey's lightsaber, as in the film we only get a quick glimpse of it being activated in the final scene on Tatooine.

In the Star Wars universe, kyber crystals are rare, powerful crystals scattered throughout the galaxy that are Force-attuned. Both Jedi and Sith use them to power their lightsabers, harnessing the energy of the crystal to produce the blade that protrudes from a lightsaber. The video reveals that Rey has constructed a sophisticated housing for the crystal, using a cage mechanism to keep it in place.

The post by Savage marks information that's been revealed in recent weeks. Now that the film, which is the ninth and final installment in the Skywalker saga, has been released for home viewing on Disney+ there is no embargo on social media posts that contain spoilers, meaning that fans are gaining further insight into the film's production and backstory. This hopefully means that more new information will be forthcoming over the next few weeks, satisfying the Star Wars fan base in the absence of any new film releases.

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Captain America: 10 Awesome Pieces Of Steve Rogers Fan Art We Love

Steve Rogers is one of the great heroes of all-time. He served as Captain America, sure, but it's his own strength that truly shines. He's a man out of time, having survived the loss of his world twice over. He stuck to his values to survive, prioritizing people over institutions. In the end, he was simply a good man.

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As Dr. Erskine, the man who created the super-serum that turned Steve into a super-soldier, told him right before his operation, make sure you remain "Not a perfect soldier, but a good man." As Steve would come to find out, there's a huge difference. These words, combined with Mjolnir and the shield, perfectly encapsulate Steve's Endgame experience.

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In this lovely piece, Steve gets the hug with Sam and Bucky he deserves before he returns the Infinity Stones and chooses not to return. It's a hello, but perhaps it's also a goodbye.

8 Stubborn Steve By Imgaystrawberry

Steve Rogers is one stubborn dude. As he once said himself, "Get killed? walk it off." Imgaystrawberry perfectly captured this side of Steve's personality. It's no one's stab wound but his own, so everyone else can mind their own business.

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If Steve's on a mission, he's not going to stop to get medical care. There's no stopping him when he sets his mind to it. Even Bucky can't talk him out of it.

7  Steve Mulaney By Kimalaiset

Here, Kimalaiset smartly put a John Mulaney quote in Steve Rogers' mouth, and it works. Fans can absolutely imagine Steve saying, "I don't care for these new-Nazis." The poor guy sacrificed himself to save the world from Nazis only to wake up in the next century where there are still Nazis.

Steve Rogers is probably just like us, watching Mulaney's specials and laughing so hard he cris. There's no way to tell whether John Mulaney exists in Steve's world but it's nice to hope that he does.

6 The Cure For Sadness By Spidey-art

It's pretty clear from all the MCU movies that Steve is deeply sad. There's even a deleted sequence from Avengers that shows him traveling around NYC, steeped in his own melancholy. He lost his loved ones, his world. He's nothing but a soldier, a shell, a mantle.

Here, Spidey-art has lovingly gifted Steve a cat to cheer him up. There's nothing better than a ball of fluff to aid in the curing of sadness. Hopefully, comfy Steve lets this cat into his heart - and his lap.

5 Dog Person By Metusdoloris

On the other hand, Metusdoloris pegs Steve as more of a dog person, like Chris Evans himself. They've given Steve a dog to cheer him up instead. He would do great with a dog. They could go for runs together, play catch in Prospect Park, and cuddle on the couch while catching up on Steve's pop culture list.

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This cutie is a gorgeous mutt (Steve would absolutely rescue a shelter animal) who's just as in love with Steve as Steve is with him. They're best friends now, there's no denying it.

4 Captain Equality By Latelierderiot

Captain America protects everyone. He fights for what's right and believes in human rights for all. That includes trans people. While some may use the Captain America mantle for their own agenda, Steve Rogers stays true to himself.

In this one, Latelierderiot reminds us of Steve's values. There's no reason why Steve wouldn't protect trans people as he would everyone else. He's a hero, and heroes protect.

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Steve has had a long life. Born into a small body with multiple health problems, Steve became the societal epitome of male perfect after taking the super serum. He ages, but very slowly.

Here, Pineapplebread has skillfully drawn Steve from every movie. They've animated it so viewers can see the changes over time. Steve becomes world-weary but never loses the heroism in the way he keeps his chin up.

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Steve respects all individuals. Except, perhaps, the Nazis he punches. Steve, the hero of World War II, respects all forms of protest. Though he was in ice during the Civil Rights Movement, Steve is no stranger to civil disobedience. The early 20th Century had its share of marches too. And fans don't doubt that he caught up on history as soon as he awoke. Steve Rogers believes in justice for all.

1 The More Captains, The Merrier By Persehpone

In this fun illustration by Persehpone, Captain America meets Captain Marvel. Carol and Steve spend a day in the sun together. Steve, dressed in hip clothing for once, wears a cute bro tank that reminds us of the iconic Endgame scene regarding "America's *ss."

Carol, on the other hand, flaunts her guns. For good reason, too. She's ripped. Sun's out guns out is right.

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