Star Wars: The Force Unleashed's 10 Best Costumes, Ranked

2008 video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed featured some amazing designs and costumes, the best of which we'll detail today.

Star Wars: The Force Unleashed's 10 Best Costumes, Ranked

Everyone loves a great fill-in-the-blank story when it comes to Star Wars. Well, that's exactly what the 2008 hit video game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed was. Taking place between Episodes III and IV, The Force Unleashed tells the story of Darth Vader's secret apprentice, Galen Marek aka Starkiller, or "The Secret Apprentice," as he hunts down surviving Jedi while the rebel alliance begins to take shape.

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Between Marek himself and the rest of the game's incredible roster of both new and iconic characters, there are so many amazing costume designs. Even though the game is over a decade old and the graphics are significantly outdated, let's take a look at 10 of the best costumes from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

10 Galen Marek Training Gear

Despite all the upgrades that Galen Marek's costume gets throughout the game, his default look is actually one of his best. Referred simply to as his training gear, this costume, plain and simple, gives off the impression of a Sith apprentice.

His training gear is defined by the dark colors of the Sith, while still looking unrefined and as if it was constructed by Marek himself. It's still a solid look considering it's the first outfit you're provided and arguably the most basic of any of his costume designs.

9 Captain Ozzik Sturn

Ozzik Sturn was a deranged Imperial Captain known for his desire to hunt the natives of whatever world he was assigned to. In The Force Unleashed, he's seen overlooking the construction of a massive skyhook, enslaving thousands of Wookies in the process.

Even though the story of how his costume came to be is dark and demented, it's still a pretty awesome look. The standard white Imperial uniform has always been a clean outfit and Sturn's addition of a Wookie pelt looks pretty cool, especially with his ranking plaque still showing. Yes, the captain is a maniacal hunter, but his costume is one of the better variations of an Imperial uniform that you'll see.

8 Drunken Rahm Kota

It's pretty rare to see a Jedi so beaten down and broken that they turn to alcoholism. That's why it was so interesting to see General Rahm Kota after losing his sight in a battle with Starkiller.

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Kota's drunken look is exactly what you might expect from a blind, alcoholic Jedi sent into hiding. Still donning the same armor, with his hair tattered and messy and a simple band over his eyes, this look shows just how far Kota has fallen. Even when he's much more put together, his drunken look, for whatever reason, just has more visual appeal.

7 Juno Eclipse

There really isn't much to Juno Eclipse's outfit other than the fact that it's a more relaxed Imperial officer uniform. However, just that fact makes it a ridiculously cool costume. Even before her days in the alliance, when she was still a pilot of the Empire, she was still rocking this same look. Her costume might not compare to the intricately designed ones of the game's other characters, but its uniqueness still makes it pretty awesome.

6 Sith Stalker Armor

The game lets players essentially choose between the light and dark sides at one point. In the scenario that they choose the dark side, Galen Marek fully embraces his role as the Sith lord Starkiller, which comes with this new look known as the "Sith Stalker armor".

This costume, equipped with its own Vader-esque helmet and even some knives for fingers, is such an incredibly unique look for Starkiller. With the helmet, it takes inspiration from the looks of other Sith Lords, especially Starkiller's own master Darth Vader. It has the same dark eeriness that makes the Sith so intimidating.

5 Princess Leia

Before she ever met her brother Luke or Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa was helping build the rebel alliance alongside her adoptive father Bail Organa and Galen Marek. During that time, she was going with more practical outfits than the iconic dress of A New Hope.

Sticking with the iconic white of nearly all her costumes of the original trilogy, Leia's look in The Force Unleashed comes across much more modern than what she changes to in Episode 4. It's an entirely unique costume for Leia that takes plenty of inspiration from her on-screen outfits, even incorporating a hairstyle similar to the one she wore in The Empire Strikes Back.

4 Kento Marek (Rogue Jedi)

At the beginning of the game, Darth Vader is on a mission to eliminate any surviving Jedi of the deadly Order 66. He's sent to the Wookie homeworld of Kashyyyk to hunt down an unnamed Jedi that turns out to be none other than Starkiller's father, Kento Marek. Having presumably lived there in hiding for years, Kento Marek's costume is an incredible blend of traditional Jedi robes and the earthy colors of Kashyyyk. Despite not lasting much time in the game, Kento Marek still plays a fairly significant role and managed to give us a great costume resembling what a Jedi in hiding might look like.

3 Darth Vader

Now, to Darth Vader himself. Over the years, there aren't too many variations of Vader's iconic costume, but there are a few distinguishable elements of his suit in its earliest form.

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Just like the Vader costume seen more recently in the Jedi: Fallen Order game, the one of The Force Unleashed is slightly different than the one that appears in the original Star Wars trilogy. The plate above his robotic chest panel looks as if it incorporates silver, and the chain that holds his cape is much more apparent. This look helps differentiate the early days of Vader from just an otherwise head-to-toe black costume.

2 Jedi Adventure Robes

As you might already know, Galen Marek's look changes quite a bit throughout the course of the game. One of the best out of all the different outfits is this costume referred to as his "Jedi Adventure Robes."

All things considered, this outfit is like they brought the classic Assassin's Creed outfit into the Star Wars universe. Like a number of his other outfits, these Jedi Adventure robes feel entirely unique to Marek and helps emphasize that he's chosen the light side over the path of the Sith. It's one of his smoother looks and one that would make any Jedi look great.

1 Temple Exploration Gear

In the old-gen versions of the game, there was an additional mission in which Galen Marek visited the original Jedi Temple to complete his training. This mission comes with its own outfit accurately titled the "Temple Exploration Gear".

It's hard to say what inspired the design for this costume, but the intricate details and patterns of it mixed with the combination of red and white makes the whole thing one of his best looks. It only makes sense that one of the game's coolest missions comes with one of the best outfits for its signature character.

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