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Lucas Sinclair is one of the main characters of Stranger Things that brings something unique to the Netflix show with his unforgettable quotes.

Stranger Things: Lucas's 10 Best Quotes | ScreenRant

Lucas Sinclair is one of the main characters of Stranger Things, and without him, the show simply wouldn't be the same. He's a key member of the Party, helping to solve mysteries and protect his friends, but he's also a contributor to the overall mood and tone of the series.

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Lucas is funny, witty, curious, clever, but also intensely judgemental. He will say whatever comes to mind without considering the consequences and without even realizing if he's said something hurtful. Nevertheless, he proves himself to be a great friend who maybe has a liking for banter and jovial insults.

10 "First Of All, It's A Wrist-Rocket."

In the third episode of season 1, the Party is preparing to embark on a mission. They present their weapons, and Dustin has the audacity to degrade Lucas's "wrist-rocket" to a slingshot.

Lucas is incredibly offended by this offhanded remark and insists that it's not just a slingshot. His first priority is to defend his choice of weapon rather than to question its ability to take down the Demogorgon, as Dustin points out.

9 "You Wanna, Like, You Know, Like, Just You And Me?"

Max and Lucas hit it off in season 2, though it takes a while for her to warm up to him. At the middle school dance, Lucas tries to ask her to dance with him without actually asking her to dance with him.

She asks, "Are you trying to ask me to dance, Stalker?" Only she can make this nickname sound affectionate, but Lucas shrugs her off. "No, of course not ... Unless ... you want to?" Max accepts this gallant invitation. "So smooth," she remarks, taking his hand.

8 "Is That A New Zit?"

Ever the gentleman, Lucas decides to ask Max - while pointing at her face - if she's got a new zit. This happens right after Dustin fills Lucas's eyes with pepper spray and Max is trying to help him wash it out.

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In response, Max asks Lucas what's wrong with him, then proceeds to shove his face under the faucet. Lucas doesn't understand what he said wrong, and his behavior continues to irk Max throughout the day.

7 "I'm Sorry."

Lucas is pretty harsh to Eleven throughout season 1. He's quick to judge her and dismiss her as evil. He's suspicious and thinks that she can't be trusted, and his argument leads the group to dissolve.

Lucas refuses to apologize to either Mike or Eleven, and he refuses to accept Mike's apology. He thinks that Eleven knows where Will is and that she might have had something to do with his disappearance, so he leaves the Party, and Eleven splits. Later, Eleven comes back to save them and Lucas acknowledges that he was wrong, which is a significant moment for his growth.

6 "Especially When There's Spit."

The Party has a procedure when making promises or telling secrets: they must spit and shake hands. When Eleven asks them what a friend is, Lucas explains that they must never lie to each other, especially when spit is involved.

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Eleven is understandably confused, so Lucas elaborates: "It's a bond." Lucas and Dustin demonstrate a spit handshake, but Eleven still seems to think it's odd.

5 "Fireball Him!"

The series opens as the boys play D&D in Mike's basement. Mike delivers a compelling narration of the game, while the other boys plot with the utmost seriousness and dedication.

Will's move is next, which will prove to be a moment of foreshadowing, and Lucas insists that he should fireball the Demogorgon. The scene perfectly introduces each character and sets up an exciting adventure.

4 "And You're, Like, Totally Tubular."

80s slang is a big part of Stranger Things, and the young characters of the show love to display their level of cool. Lucas champions this movement and often references pop culture icons or mimicks Coca-Cola ads.

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When he meets Max, he's instantly awestruck - she's a girl who has the highest score in Dig Dug. He calls her "totally tubular", which is basically surf slang to describe something cool or awesome.

3 "We Have A Lot Of Rules In Our Party, But The Most Important Is, 'Friends Don't Lie.'"

Lucas is an intensely loyal friend, sometimes to a fault, but in most cases, it serves him well. He will do anything for his friends, but the one thing he would never do is to lie.

When Eleven joins the Party, the boys have to explain to her what it means to be a friend. Lucas tells her the number one rule in their group: "Friends don't lie. Never ever. No matter what." This is a powerful message that all characters strive to live by throughout the show, and a phrase the characters repeat often.

2 "Flay This, You Ugly Piece Of S***!"

Lucas is known for his wit and humor, and though he likes to quote other people, he has some pretty funny lines of his own creation. He's also known for his fast mouth, but he only ever swears if it's going to be funny.

In this case, Lucas has just arrived with the rest of his friends to save the day at the Battle of Starcourt. The Mind Flayer has only increased in size, and Eleven is too weak to fight it. Lucas has a clever plan, though - one that involves a lot of fireworks. He hurls load after load of explosives at the monster, screaming insults at the beast while it explodes in a deluge of sparkles.

1 "Eat S***!"

Similarly iconic is Lucas's outburst when the Demogorgon has them trapped at school. Mike, Dustin, Lucas, and Eleven are alone in the dark hallways when the monster shows up, attracted by the blood spilled from Brenner's lab workers after Eleven kills them.

Brenner approaches the boys as they stand protectively in front of a weakened Eleven. Mike says he'll have to kill them first. "That's right, eat sh**!" Lucas chimes in, flailing his arms. He may be full of bravado, but Brenner's men immediately restrain the boys.

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