[Study] 3 Top Reasons Women Cancel Dates Last Minute (Plus Why I’m Breaking “Girl Code” to Get You Laid a Lot More)…

Get the REAL Reason Why Women Cancel… And How to Get Women to Stop Flaking On You (And Start Getting ... Read more 5 Views The post [Study] 3 Top Reasons Women Cancel Dates Last Minute (Plus Why I’m Breaking “Girl Code” to Get You Laid a Lot More)… appeared first on Gotham Club.

[Study] 3 Top Reasons Women Cancel Dates Last Minute (Plus Why I’m Breaking “Girl Code” to Get You Laid a Lot More)…

Get the REAL Reason Why Women Cancel… And How to Get Women to Stop Flaking On You (And Start Getting Laid a LOT More)

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Have you heard of “girl code”?

Basically it boils down to this: being women is a sisterhood, and we don’t betray our sisters. Not each other, and not our secrets.

You know, “Sisters before misters…” (Hey, my college bf used to say “Bros before hos,” so I know guys have a similar thing…)

But there are some things that totally don’t break girl code to share with guys… especially when it’s helpful.

Women don’t do mean things to guys to BE mean. 

(Usually, some girls are mean girls… and we will get to that later…)


But a lot of times women do things that are confusing and upsetting to men.

Like cancel on dates at the last minute. I know a lot of women do this all the time.

I do it sometimes too, even though I know it sucks for guys.

So today I want to give you a peek into the female mind and explore why women flake, cancel and even ghost.

And why it truly isn’t YOU, it’s HER.

And more importantly, how you can take a “cancel” and turn it into the best date of your life… 

Because once you know WHY she’s acting this way, you’ll know how to counter it… and make her feel seen and understood.

And making a woman feel closer to you is the first step to getting her physically close to you… naked… begging…

So, let’s get started.

It’s Showtime… Until It’s Not…

The day of the date arrives. You’ve got butterflies in your stomach. 

And then….

She cancels. 

What a disappointment. What a drag. 

Trust me guys, it happens to all of us. And it can really make you go from feeling like a million bucks, to feeling like a zero. 

“What happened?” You might wonder. “What did I do wrong? Why did she change her mind about me?” 

“Did she ?” (Yeah, 38% of women say this is a valid reason, so go check your accounts real quick…)

The conclusion you’re probably making? “She just doesn’t want to go out with me.” 

Maybe you’re thinking: 

  • “She found someone better to date.” 
  • “She thought about it and it turns out she doesn’t like me.” 
  • “She reconsidered and she doesn’t like my nose.” 
  • “She thinks I’m a loser.” 

Okay, okay, hold your horses right there. 

The thing is, it’s quite likely the reason she cancelled has nothing to do with you at all. 

Take it from me, and from every girl out there. 

I’ll speak for myself: I’ve definitely cancelled dates with guys I was really excited to see. 

And it doesn’t mean that the next date won’t be awesome, after it’s rescheduled. 

What am I talking about? 

Well, according to , there are a couple of top reasons that women cancel dates. 

And NONE of the top reasons mean she’s not into you. 

So what are those common reasons? 

And what can you do to get back in the saddle if she does cancel? 

Reason #1: She’s Tired 

That’s it guys, it’s actually that simple… The number one reason women cancel dates is because they’re tired. 

Maybe she couldn’t sleep because she was excited… Or maybe her errands just piled up on her. 

Like you, she wants to feel, look, and act her best during your date. 

So if she’s tired, she doesn’t want to bum you out by not being her best self. 

She’s likely to cancel a date if she’s tired, even if she’s really into you, because she wants to make a good impression. 

For example, there’s a reason date night is Saturday night. Mondays, we’re all tired.

to get stood up on a Monday night.

I’ve cancelled dates with guys I was really into because I was worn down, wasn’t feeling my best and I didn’t want them to think I was a drag. 


It’s always so nice when they’re understanding—and we can reschedule and have a great time. 

At a certain point in a relationship, it’s fine to be slugs on the couch together… 

But you’re not going to see my bunny slippers for at least a couple of months…

So if she cancels a date and says she’s tired, believe her. Chances are she just wants to make a good impression. 

Reason #2: She Felt Unattractive 

Let me tell you: there’s nothing worse than a volcano of a zit deciding to pop up on your cheek the afternoon before a date. 

You might worry that you’re the only one who sometimes frowns at yourself in the mirror, and doesn’t totally love what you see all the time. 

But even that super hottie you scored a date with has her moments of self-doubt. 

Maybe it’s a skin problem. A bad hair day. Or just a general feeling of unattractiveness. 

Or she’s feeling like she might not be ready for you to see her naked… and

She might not tell you this is the reason she’s cancelling the date — in fact, she almost certainly won’t tell you.

But if she cancels, it might just be because she’s feeling unattractive that day. 

After all, confidence is one of the hottest things a person can wear. 

If she can’t drum up her confidence before a date, she’s likely going to bail—even (maybe especially) if she’s really into you. 

Reason #3: Bad Day at Work 

Everyone has them. Your boss isn’t happy, your deal doesn’t go through, your coworkers are making drama, etc. etc. 

A bad day at work can really ruin the evening that follows. 

And if she’s looking forward to your date, she won’t want to ruin it by being bummed out from work. 

Think about it. If you were in a bad mood from something that happened at work, it would be hard to get it off your mind. 


You might be tempted to talk about it on your date — and you wouldn’t want to be that guy, that can’t stop complaining.

If she’s feeling preoccupied by what happened at work, she might worry she can’t give you her full attention on your date. 

I have definitely postponed a date after a crappy workday, so I could be fully present. 

And that’s the honest truth – the top three seasons she bails and flakes have absolutely NOTHING to do with you.

Except that she wants to be her best for you.

So, don’t give up on her. After all, she already said yes to going out with you… 

Now… How to Turn a Flake into a “YES”

In fact, all three of these top reasons you can easily turn around, with one simple thing:


Ask her why she feels like canceling… and then tell her you get it. For example, if she tells you work was hard, or she is exhausted, let her know you understand. You had a long day too, or you’re pretty beat as well… and offer to commiserate with her.

Tell her you were looking forward to seeing her all day, and it made your long day easier, but you are wiped out too, and offer to turn going out into staying in… with some takeout and maybe a footrub….

Tell her you didn’t feel like getting dressed up either, so why don’t you eat pizza in sweatpants together?

If she still demures, let her know that’s cool, and you look forward to rescheduling.  That goes a long way to her not bailing ever again…

Unless… she’s not being honest with you, and is playing games.

Now… there are some misguided women, who have from other women in their lives.

Remember when I said I’d get back to girls being mean on purpose?

That’s exactly what I want to talk about now…

Sneaky Insider Tricks To Get Flaky Women To Stop Flaking On You!

That was a little peek into women’s brains… and (hopefully) nothing other women will get too mad at me for sharing… ????

I’m going to share something with you that other women don’t really want me to tell you… but I’ve got to be honest: 

See… those reasons I talked about above are all reasons women cancel on you… they’re not your fault, and they’re not the fault of women, either.

It’s just “women’s nature”… with a little bit of insecurity thrown in.

Like I said, women often cancel because of how THEY are feeling in the moment… there’s no manipulation or games intended.

BUT… some women (not me, ha!) DO mess with you intentionally.

Especially in this day and age… where women can get unlimited male attention by sitting around… taking selfies with their boobs hanging out… and posting them on social media.

And… sometimes these kinds of women get a kick out of leading men on.

It’s stupid, but some women share these ridiculous tips with each other that they think are flirting and getting you to like them…

But I think they’re mean and manipulative tricks.

but do me a favor and ONLY use this on girls you’re really into ok?

I’m kinda betraying the “girl code” here… and while I wanna help you out… I don’t wanna become “that b!tch” who spilled all of our deepest darkest secrets, ok? ????


The post [Study] 3 Top Reasons Women Cancel Dates Last Minute (Plus Why I’m Breaking “Girl Code” to Get You Laid a Lot More)… appeared first on Gotham Club.

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