S*xual Confidence: The Ultimate Guide (Great For Shy Guys!)

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S*xual Confidence: The Ultimate Guide (Great For Shy Guys!)
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Women want men who exude confidence. 

They want you to take control of the process of courting them and yes, they want you to take control in the bedroom as well… especially in the beginning of a sexual relationship. 

Showing confidence (not arrogance) in what you are doing not only makes women feel desired, but it also makes them feel more comfortable with you…

However, a lot of guys would have to admit that they are not oozing with confidence when flirting with or feeling up beautiful women. 


Have you ever found yourself paralyzed in the presence of total babe? Tongue tied when approached by the hottest girl in the room? Find your palms embarrassingly sweaty when you shake the hand of the hot new receptionist at work? 

If not, count yourself lucky: .

Feeling nervous around beautiful women is natural — especially when they are naked. (And that’s the goal…)

However, a natural shyness absolutely does not have to stop ANY man from giving even the hottest woman the best night of her life… 

Fake It Till You Make It

Women are attracted to confident men. It shows that you know what you want, and you want her (that’s her absolute favorite). 

The key is to act calm & confident — even if you’re totally faking it. That’s right, you do NOT need to be naturally confident to become a confident man. 

Women want you to take control of the situation, assert yourself, and make your attraction to them clear. 

Do those things, and it comes across as confident.

And when you act this way, women will let you get away with being a LOT more forward than you might expect… 

The Most Stunning Women Just Wants THIS…

You might be intimidated by a woman’s beauty, but just remember that she WANTS you to feel comfortable and confident… because she knows that a comfortable and confident man is going to give her a really good time. 

Plus, she will pick up on your elevated testosterone levels (yes, confidence and testosterone go hand in hand). 


This has multiple benefits. One, it will make her want to have sex with you, and two, she will actually start to feel more confident herself. Confidence is contagious, so if you start to notice women being bold with you, that’s a great sign. 

(Yes, sometimes even gorgeous women have self-confidence issues…)

But how do you get to that point? If you want to feel in control, confident, and prepared to please any woman, keep reading…

What is Performance Anxiety?

is a term for when you feel so stressed out before and/or during sex that you either can’t get or stay hard, finish early, or don’t finish at all. 

This happens because the body and mind are deeply interconnected. Your mental state affects your actual physical functioning.

For example, stress hormones constrict blood vessels, and divert bloodflow to your legs and arms so that if needed, you can run and fight. 

This is an old that is hardwired into you. Nature wanted to make sure that if you were in danger, you would automatically have the correct instincts to run away or fight. 

At a time like that, obviously, sex is not a priority. The problem is that the brain interprets regular stressors of our daily lives, or even the pressure to please a woman as threats to survival. So if you have a deadline at work, or a blonde babe pulling your pants down, your body might get it wrong and prepare you to run away or fight.

Not helpful, body.

What you need in order to get your body to prioritize sex again, is to achieve a more relaxed but alert state that allows blood to flow to your penis. 

Without that blood flow, arousal becomes difficult or impossible. Your body is focused on self-defense and escape — not pleasure.

As you sense a lack of arousal, your stress increases, your blood vessels constrict further, your erection fades, and any hope of showing your woman a good time gets slimmer and slimmer… 

What Causes Performance Anxiety?

But why are men so stressed out when they’re in the best possible situation — getting laid? I mean, shouldn’t this be a great moment?

The thing is, there are a lot of self-inflicted and societal expectations for men, and if you aren’t sure you can meet these expectations, the stress is going to set in. 

Whether you’re worried about your size, your weight, how you look, or your technique, it’s going to interfere with your ability to deliver…

And to be honest, a beautiful naked woman is enough to send a lot of men into an anxiety spiral, resulting in poor performance and a really uncomfortable situation… 


But remember, women don’t want you to feel inadequate. They want you to feel great and confident — so that you can make them feel very, very good. 

It also helps to remember that many women, no matter how beautiful, are also working with their own anxieties and insecurities in the bedroom. 

Many men AND women have trouble

But that’s actually a pretty easy thing to change…

Easy Ways to Boost Sexual Performance

There are lots of ways to boost sexual performance. Remember that a healthy lifestyle contributes to a healthy sex life, so it’s worth checking in on your daily habits… 

Your first ally in boosting sexual performance is regular exercise. Getting your heart rate up, sweating, and challenging your body is an amazing way to upgrade all your physical systems.

The increased blood flow ensures that all your organs are flushed with nutrient-rich blood, and strengthens your heart so that it can do its job well. 

Even moderate exercise will boost your testosterone, sex drive, and overall performance. You don’t need to run a marathon or bench press 200lbs to reap the benefits of exercise. 

Find something that you actually look forward to and commit to it at least a couple times a week. There are so many ways to move your body, so no excuses!

Your next ally is hydration. It’s easy to get dehydrated without realizing it, especially if you’re passing your days with coffee, energy drinks, and alcohol. 

And no, you don’t need fancy electrolyte water to hydrate well, you just need a glass of water. Without enough water, your body can’t function properly. In fact, being hydrated is essential for semen volume and quality. It’s an easy fix — don’t let dehydration interfere with your sex life. 

The next ally is sleep. Having a healthy sleep schedule can be challenging for a host of reasons. One of the biggest signs that you’re sleep deprived is feeling drowsy during the day while not being able to fall asleep when it’s time to go to bed. 

Set a sleep schedule for yourself to make sure you get eight hours each night. When you’re better rested it is easier to relax, and you’ll feel far better equipped to deal with stress and anxiety (and a lot of it will just melt away automatically as a result of great sleep).

The final ally is healthy food. Potato chips and snickers are not going to help you perform in bed. Why? Because they are difficult for your body to process. When you give your body processed foods, it has to work overtime to digest them, and you will feel tired, inflamed, and most likely will have some digestive malfunctioning. 

Of course, a guilty pleasure here and there is not going to ruin your sex life. It’s about balance. Eat an abundance of fresh fruits, veggies, and healthy protein throughout the week. Like exercise, a healthy diet helps all of your body’s systems to function better. 

Eating a variety of colorful fruits and vegetables ensures that you get all the vitamins and minerals you need — if you accidentally become deficient in something, it can affect your sex life. Plus, with the bulk of your food being healthy, you will enjoy and appreciate your indulgences that much more.

Natural Cures for Performance Anxiety

If you’ve already got your good lifestyle going and still not slaying in the bedroom the way you’d like to be, there’s more you can do. 

Worrying about how you look or what your partner thinks of you are major blocks to sexual performance. If you notice this starting to happen, inwardly acknowledge the anxious thoughts and then shift your attention to your senses. 

of what is really happening, as opposed to what *might* happen is key to relaxing.

Notice how smooth your partner’s skin is. Feel the curves of her body and the smell of her hair. Allow the sensory experiences to absorb you and dissolve your thoughts. As you do this, your intuitive body will activate, which will help you connect with your partner’s rhythm and perform at a higher level. 

When you open to your senses you’re tapping into your primal brain, and your primal brain KNOWS how to please a woman. 


Another simple way to reduce performance anxiety is to . I get that sometimes guys are eager to get to the point, but this isn’t really in either his or his partner’s best interest. 

Women usually need more time than men to get “warmed up” anyway, so she will not object to taking it slow. Plus, the anticipation that can build from a slower build-up can be highly arousing for both parties. 

Experimenting with delayed gratification and enjoying sexual build-up can be an effective way to resolve performance anxiety. 

Guided imagery can also be helpful for promoting a more relaxed and confident state. 

You can actually practice this alone when masturbating. All you have to do is visualize yourself performing well in bed and satisfying your partner. Take your time as you go, as if it is happening in real time. 

Imagine yourself easily getting aroused and maintaining a rock solid erection. Imagine how good it feels to perform so well, and see if you can create that feeling of confidence in your body. 

If you repeat this exercise, you will begin to condition to a new mindset in which you believe that you are collected, confident, and always prepared to show your girl a very good time. 

There is something else that works to cure performance anxiety, and you might find it counterintuitive at first… 

The idea is to and reaching orgasm at the perfect moment. Embrace the possibility of not staying aroused. It’s a bit of a paradox–if you can relax about your performance, your performance will actually level up. 

The reason is if you’re perpetually fixated on a specific goal, your stress levels will increase and that will interfere with your bloodflow. 

Talk to your partner about trying out sexual experiences that have no goal in mind. You might both be surprised by the outcome… 

Nerves Are Normal…

It’s perfectly natural to feel some nerves when it comes to performing in the bedroom. Of course every man wants to impress and satisfy his woman, and sometimes that pressure gets in the way of actually doing so. 

Fortunately there are a number of techniques and strategies to help you quickly overcome performance anxiety and reach your full potential. 

Don’t underestimate the power of simple visualizations and basic lifestyle enhancements. Even a few slight adjustments can dramatically alter your sex life… 

Most guys don’t realize how easily they could start feeling more confident, and just assume that confidence is something you’re either born with or not. In reality, it’s really just like anything else — practice, practice, practice. 

It’s also something you can develop, as you gain confidence in your abilities… and if your abilities include regularly giving a woman a sheet soaking, toe curling, wake the neighbors orgasm… your confidence will naturally skyrocket.

Here’s the secret…

The Ultimate Hack For Creating Sexual Confidence Is…

One final thing that a lot of guys struggle with is knowing that you can perform as long as you need to. 

You’re not gonna be kissing her… 

Feeling her soft breasts… 

Maybe even giving her a smart little *spank* where she gasps and then giggles… 

Everything’s going great… and then… … soggy noodle. 

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been with a guy… I’m soaking wet… craving for him to be inside me…

…only to take off his pants to expose a limp biscuit that I have to awkwardly play wiggle around hoping it’ll stiffen up… only for it to stay soft and never get my fix… ????

That’s the ULTIMATE tease for a woman…

And the ULTIMATE sexual confidence killer… and the easiest way to avoid it is pretty simple: 

Eat foods that are good for your blood flow and erection health:


Each one is from South East Asia and works to keep you as stiff as a steel beam for as long as you need to be… by cleaning out and expanding your blood vessels.

Which allows for more blood flow and faster blood flow to your tool. 

Better blood flow and erection health will take out the guesswork if you’re gonna stay soft when you whip it out, or if you’re going to be as stiff as a board just by feeling her up. 

Click the link below now to discover what these foods are… and how much of each to eat for “baseball-bat” hard-ons that last a LOOOOOOONG Time, and give your woman earth shattering big O’s ????

5 Exotic Foods That Get You Hard & Thick… & Able to Last For HOURS Without Worry…


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