Ask Ethan: How Can You Be So Sure That COVID-19 Didn’t...

The only doubts are completely unreasonable.Continue reading on Starts With A Bang! »

How ‘Cosmic DNA’ Revealed Exoplanet Siblings Raised In...

How two seemingly distinct exoplanet systems turned out to be related.Continue reading on Starts With A Bang! »

‘Tree farts’ make up about a fifth of greenhouse gases...

Heat-trapping gases from dead trees play an important role in the environmental impact of “ghost” forests.

Astronomers To NASA: Please, Build This Telescope!

If you want to find life in the Universe, this is how you do it.Continue reading on Starts With A Bang! »

Common parasite may help mussels survive heat waves

By whitening shells, the organism helps the shellfish stay cool on sunny days, a new study suggests.

Ejection Failure! Scientists Decode Why Our Sun’s Events...

Watch the plasma slide down the prominence like a roller coaster!Continue reading on Starts With A Bang! »

Sleep-friendlier lighting is on the way

Chemists have created a new glowing material for LEDs. It should lessen how much near-bedtime lighting impairs your ability to nod...

5 Scientific Revolutions That NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope...

What’s just over the current frontier will soon be revealed.Continue reading on Starts With A Bang! »

Mantis shrimp inspires somersaults of new soft robot

Its rolling acrobatics allow this robot to move especially swiftly — much as a fictional new Disney character can.

Ask Ethan: Does Our Universe Have More Than 3 Spatial Dimensions?

Three of our dimensions are spatial and one is temporal, but could there be more?Continue reading on Starts With A Bang! »

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