Starts With A Bang Podcast #68: Pulsars, Polarization,...

The densest objects that haven’t collapsed to black holes can tell us information about the Universe unlike anything else.Continue...

Ask Ethan: How Can We Help Young Black Physicists Succeed...

Only 3% of physics graduates and 2% of astronomy graduates are Black. That’s got to change.Continue reading on Starts With A Bang!...

An ancient hippo-sized reptile may have been a speedy beast

An Anteosaurus was a hefty reptile with a large snout. Its fossil skull hints that it may have moved fast for its time.

We All Lose When Scientists Don’t Stand Up For The Truth

The ultimate lesson from Dr. Birx is one we should never, ever repeat.Continue reading on Starts With A Bang! »

Changing people’s behavior can make bear life better

Black bears don’t always live life on the wild side. More and more, they live near people. Here’s how people and bears can get along.

Explainer: Black bear or brown bear?

If you see a bear, check size, shape and more to find out what type it is.

Science and Indigenous history team up to help spirit bears

When scientists and Indigenous people work together, their efforts can benefit bears and people.

Some Black Holes Are Impossible In Our Universe

Enough mass in one location will always create a black hole. But not all masses are possible.Continue reading on Starts With A Bang!...

Urban pollution can pose unseen risks to kids’ immunity...

A trio of new studies links immune changes and high blood pressure to inhaling bad air.

Let’s learn about DNA

DNA is made of two chemical chains twisted around each other. It stores information that allows cells to grow and function.

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