Thanks, TikTok, Now I Have These 34 Things in My Amazon Cart

I've been influenced.

Thanks, TikTok, Now I Have These 34 Things in My Amazon Cart

While the rest of the world debates the pros and cons of TikTok versus Instagram and which social media app will ultimately prevail, we're just over here toggling between the two to bring you the latest on what's trending in the virtual fashion world. Some could say we're even a little TikTok obsessed over here, given that we've dove into everything from the makeup trends we're inspired to try to the latest fashion aesthetic to emerge.

In honor of Prime Day, we've rounded up the most shared clothing, accessories, and beauty products we've spotted on TikTok that are available with just one click on Amazon. Happy shopping! 

In case you haven't noticed, halter tops are back.

If I had a dollar for every time this top popped up on my For You Page...

The famous TikTok leggings in all their glory.

You can never have enough good basics like this.

Pair these with the above halter top for a perfect summer 'fit.

Found: your next going-out top.

Time to hop on the tennis skirt bandwagon.

*The* swim trend of the summer, if you as us.

Well this is fun.

For that perfect layered collar look that Emma Chamberlain put on the map.

The glowing reviews are what really sold me here.

For all your E-girl aesthetic needs.

Because retro sunglasses are trending hard right now.

Bad hair days never stood a chance.

Gold hoops make anything look that much cooler.

It's all about the colorful, Y2K-inspired jewelry right now.

It doesn't get any more summery than this.

Fact: this sunglasses shape looks good on everyone.

Because fluffy accessories are having a moment.

The perfect combination of trendy and classic.

Another fun outfit-enhancing accessory.

I can attest to the fact that this will keep your brows perfectly in place all day.

Skincare enthusiasts rave about how this affordable buy does wonders for glowier skin.

Scroll through the product reviews if you have a minute to spare. I promise that the before and after photos are worth taking a look at.

Plenty of everyday makeup tutorials incorporate freckle pens and it always looks so effortless and sunkissed. 

This French drugstore face cream is a holy-grail product for beauty insiders.

You know you've made it to skincare TikTok when you start hearing about the magic of CeraVe's simple, skin-saving products.

I'm not a morning person, but dousing my face with a dropper full of this makes it looks like I am.

I know you know, you know.

They're called soap brows for a reason.

I recently joined the thousands of cult fans of this blow-drying brush and I can't speak highly enough of it.

Use this in tandem with the hyaluronic acid I mentioned above (or your favorite facial serum) to really help it sink in.

Transform your shower routine into a spa with this scalp scrubber.

It can't just be me: suddenly everyone is talking about dermaplaning and I'm definitly curious.

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