Thanos Fought Marvel’s Strongest Heroes All At Once (Thor, Hulk & More)

Thanos, the Mad Titan took on a group of Marvel's strongest heroes all at once, including Hercules, Hulk, the Thing, and Thor.

Thanos Fought Marvel’s Strongest Heroes All At Once (Thor, Hulk & More)

Thanos is no stranger to battling with multiple Marvel heroes at once. However, in one comic, he had to deal with the likes of Marvel's strongest heroes, Hulk, Hercules, Thor, and the Thing all at the same time. In a fight between the Mad Titan and heroes known for their pure strength, Thanos faired pretty well.

In the Infinity War (1991) storyline from Marvel Comics, Magus (Adam Warlock's evil copy) had incapacitated Eternity, leading Thanos to an unlikely team-up with Warlock. In the Infinity War tie-in Quasar #84, Earth's mightiest heroes aren't too happy to find Thanos (and Moondragon) alongside Warlock and the Infinity Watch. Quasar tries to shield the group, but the heroes attack, sending their full force at the protective shield. As Captain America tries to convince his team to stop attacking, Thanos uses the Infinity Gauntlet to blast threw Quasar's protective dome causing a huge fight to breakout.

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Thanos has shown he can take down Marvel's strongest heroes with a single slap, so when he's attacked by Hercules, Hulk, Thor, and the Thing at the same time, he unsurprisingly embarrasses the heroes. He openly taunts them by saying "you call yourselves strong? I am strength personified," as he slams Hulk and the Thing's head between his knee.

Honestly, Thanos was somewhat justified in laying the hurt down on the strongmen of the Marvel Universe. In this book, while he's got his own reasons for doing so, he's trying to help Warlock against Magus. The heroes (despite Captain America's pleas) go on the offensive after encountering Thanos and ultimately provoke him into fighting back allowing him to make a fool out of them. Although, it's hard to blame the Avenger's heroes for going after Thanos, considering he recently wiped out half of existence in the universe.

Adam Warlock eventually gets a chance to explain himself to Quasar, telling him Thanos wasn't responsible for what happened to Eternity while telling him about the pending threat of Magus. But, Quasar tries to rip Warlock's Infinity Stone off his forehead, causing him to get blasted to the ground. Ultimately, the Avengers (and cosmic heroes) attempt to stop Thanos, Warlock and the rest of the Infinity Watch was for the right reason - they believed they needed to take down the Mad Titan. However, if they just stopped and talked to the group they would learn they're fighting the same fight - and Hercules, Thor, Hulk, and the Thing could have avoided getting absolutely walloped by Thanos at the same time.

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