The Best Armor in Monster Hunter Rise (& How to Get It)

There are wide array of different pieces of armor for players to acquire in Monster Hunter Rise. This guide shows the best armor available.

In a game like , sometimes being very good at the game isn't enough for the player to get ahead. A lot of the time it is necessary for the player to get their hands on very high quality gear to help protect themselves and dish out more damage against their enemies. When hunting the strongest monsters players won't get very far if they aren't willing to track down the best gear.

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One of the biggest things that players will want to look into is getting their hands on a great set of armor. This will boost their defense against certain attacks, but will also grant different stat boosts that will give the player different abilities in combat. Especially when it comes to exploring the endgame content of Monster Hunter Rise it is very important to have great armor. This guide shows players the best armor in the game and how to acquire it.

The problem with looking for Monster Hunter Rise's "best armor" is that there really isn't one set of armor that really fits the bill. Each player will have their own preferences and builds that will require different kinds of armor to get the job done. Additionally, players will typically get more out of their armor by mixing and matching different sets rather than just wearing one complete set of armor.

That is why this guide will instead show players one really well-rounded set of armor that they can wear and a really solid combination of different armor pieces as well. The armor in this guide may not fit every build in the game perfectly, but they will be viable options for any player who wants to don them and not think too hard about the armor they are wearing.

Best Armor Set - If the player is wanting to just wear an entire set of armor then they can't go wrong with the Basarios set. This will grant the player with a full level four defense boost which insanely increases their defense stat and their damage resistances. This set also grants the player Speed Sharpening and Guard, which are a huge help in combat. Speed Sharpening allows the player to more quickly use their whetstone, while guard allows the player to reduce stamina depletion and reduce knockback while defending. The Basarios set is actually very well rounded as its very high defense stat is coupled with skills that grant the ability to attack enemies more efficiently and easily shrug off damage. This is a great set choice for any player in the game, but keep in mind that acquiring all of the necessary resources will take quite a bit of time and effort. To craft this full set players will need:

  • Eight Basarios Pleura
  • Two Poison Sac
  • One Remobra Hide
  • One Firestone
  • Nine Basarios Shell
  • Two Flame Sac
  • Five Machalite Ore
  • Two Basarios Wing
  • One Light Crystal
  • Two Earth Crystal
  • One Basarios Tail

Best Leg Armor Piece - Those who want to go for individual pieces of armor will want to start with the Ingot Grieves for their legs. Their defense stat may not be as high as some of the other armor pieces in the game, but they do have some skills that make them more than worth it. Its first skills Attack Boost grants the player with a 10% attack increase and an additional +3 for every level. This piece of armor also comes with Critical Eye which grants a percentage increase to Affinity. This essentially allows the player a higher chance of dealing critical hits to enemies. To top all of this off the armor is really easy to craft because all players need are:

  • Two Dragonite Ore
  • Three Machalite Ore
  • Three Iron Ore
  • One Light Crystal

Best Arm Armor Piece - One of the best armor pieces for arms right now in the game is Rathalos Braces S. It is always important to have as much damage capabilities as physically possible in Monster Hunter Rise, so this arm piece is great because it grants two levels of Attack Boost. This means that just by having this armor equipped the player will acquire an additional +6 to any damage that they deal. It also makes upgrading it to max Attack Boost much easier than with other pieces of armor. Combining it with other strong armor pieces can make the player a killing machine very easily. In order to craft this piece of armor the player will need:

  • Four Rathalos Scales
  • One Rathalos Wingtalon
  • Three Inferno Sac
  • Two Uroktor Scales

Best Chest Armor Piece - Easily one of the best pieces of chest armor in the game is the Barroth Mail piece. This is because the piece of armor will increase the player's attack and defense simultaneously with its skills. Attack Boost will once again grant the player increased attack, but this armor also comes with Defense Boost as well which grants them the increase to defense that is needed as well. If the player upgrades this armor all the way they can make themselves nearly unstoppable with just this armor on its own. The only downside is that acquiring the necessary ingredients to craft this armor will take a decent amount of work. Players will need to acquire:

  • Three Barroth Shell
  • One Barroth Scalp
  • One Fertile Mud
  • Two Big Fin

Best Head Armor Piece - No build in the game would really be complete without the Rathian Helm. The armor piece may not be particularly strong, but with it equipped the player acquires resistances to Elemental Blights. The basic version of this armor piece comes with Blight Resistance which grants players a 50% reduction in the duration of all Blights. If the player upgrades this to level three though they will obtain a complete 100% nullification of all Blights in the game. This makes this armor piece incredibly valuable. On top of this though the armor also comes with increased resistance to all fire-based attacks, which is a nice little plus for the player to have. To craft this armor the player will need:

  • Three Rathian Shells
  • One Rathian Spike
  • Two Flame Sac
  • Two Light Crystal

Best Waist Armor Piece - The final piece of armor that players will want to get their hands on though is their waist piece, and there is no better option than the Basarios Coil. This is because once players equip this they will acquire that coveted Defense Boost that comes with Basarios armor, but they will also acquire the incredibly useful Speed Sharpening. Keeping weapons sharp and strong is one of the most important parts of the game, so increasing the whetstone speed will ensure that players are able to attack enemies more efficiently. If the player manages to upgrade this armor all the way they can even remove three whole cycles from the sharpening process, which makes it lightning fast. In order to craft this piece of armor players will need:

  • Three Basarios Shell
  • One Flame Sac
  • One Basarios Wing
  • Two Earth Crystals

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Monster Hunter Rise can be played on Nintendo Switch.

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