The Boys Season 2: Every Confirmed Super & Their Powers Explained

The Boys has Homelander, Starlight, and the rest of The Seven at the forefront, but here is every Super confirmed to exist and what their powers are.

The Boys Season 2: Every Confirmed Super & Their Powers Explained


Last Updated: October 23, 2020

Amazon's The Boys is filled with superpowered people, both good and evil, and here's a breakdown of every single Super the show has featured in seasons 1 and 2. The series takes place in a world where superheroes are a large business, where cities pay for their own Super and boost their marketability for movies, merchandise, and more. Although Hughie Campbell, Billy Butcher, and The Boys don't have any superpowers, they go to war with the world's biggest superhero team, The Seven.

This world of Supers is orchestrated by Vought International, a multi-billion dollar business responsible for founding The Seven. But, The Boys has revealed that Vought has an even bigger role in the superhero landscape than the public knows. Vought is responsible for the creation of Compound V, a formula that is given to select children shortly after they are born to provide them with superpowers. While the public believes that Supers are naturally chosen, The Boys secretly has Vought decide who should get powers. The best of the best become members of The Seven, while some become city-based heroes - and others are created as supervillains for The Seven to fight.

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There might just be seven members of The Boys' most famous superhero team, but the extent of Supers living in this world goes far beyond. And, these numbers have continued to grow thanks to new characters featured during season 2 of the show. Here's a running list of every Super from The Boys ahead of season 2, which will be updated as new episodes continue to release.

Annie January aka Starlight (Erin Moriarty) was the newest member of The Seven during The Boys season 1. She was chosen after nationwide auditions for the spot and quickly moved from her small-town setting to the biggest superhero stage. Starlight can draw power from nearby electricity, allowing her to glow bright enough to blind people and shoot blasts of energy from her hands. She is also super strong and has increased durability.

Homelander (Antony Starr) is the leader of The Seven, who was raised in a lab to become the greatest American hero. He is The Boys' equivalent to Superman but with deadlier tendencies, although his public persona only shows his boy scout side. Homelander is super strong and nearly invincible, but he also has super hearing, x-ray and laser vision, and the ability to fly. One of his only known weaknesses is not being able to see through zinc.

Maggie Shaw aka Queen Maeve (Dominique McElligott) is the unofficial second in command of The Seven. Maeve is The Boys' version of Wonder Woman but without the coming from a secret island backstory. She has super strength, durability, and agility, while also having enhanced stamina and reflexes. Maeve cannot fly as she does in the comics, but she has shown the ability to leap incredibly high.

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Reggie Franklin aka A-Train (Jessie Usher) is the fastest man on the planet and a popular member of The Seven. He does have enhanced strength and durability, but A-Train's main power is his superhuman speed. He can run faster than 1,000 miles per hour - or faster than the speed of sound. His abilities are sometimes enhanced by extra doses of Compound V, which he used to keep his title as the fastest man on Earth. A-Train is responsible for killing Hughie's girlfriend Robbie Ward and played a part in smuggling Compound V across the country.

The Deep (Chace Crawford) is another member The Seven, although he is on sabbatical in Sandusky, Ohio. As The Boys' riff on Aquaman, The Deep can communicate with sea creatures. He's been shown talking to dolphins, lobsters, and more throughout the series, His connection to them also can bring the animals to follow his command. The Deep has gills on his abdomen that allow him to breathe underwater too.

Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) is the most mysterious member of The Seven. His real name and identity are not known, but he is a master martial artist. These skills are enhanced by his superhuman strength, agility, and durability. Noir's all-black outfit and silence have given him an intimidating reputation.

Translucent (Alex Hassell) used to be a member of The Seven. He has enhanced strength and carbon skin. His skin can become as hard as diamonds, but he can also become invisible. The only catch with his invisibility is that he has to be completely naked if he doesn't want people to see him. However, Translucent's insides are the same as normal humans, which allowed The Boys to blow up him by sticking a bomb inside of him. Hughie is the one who detonated the bomb.

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Kimiko aka The Female (Karen Fukuhara) is a former member of the Shining Light Liberation terrorist organization who received superpowers from Compound V. She was smuggled into the United States and experimented on before The Boys found her locked up. The group befriended Kimiko, who has super strength and the ability to heal. She also has increased speed and durability.

Stormfront (Aya Cash) is the newest team member of The Seven in The Boys season 2. She joins the team to take the spot left by Translucent and challenges Homelander's authority. Stormfront's primary ability is electrokinesis, which gives her the power to manipulate electricity and shoot bolts from her hands. She also has increased durability and the power to levitate.

Lamplighter (Shawn Ashmore) is a retired member of The Seven. He was not featured in season 1 of The Boys, although his history with The Boys was teased. He killed the grandchildren of Grace Mallory in the past - which resulted in the team splitting up initially - by using his fire-wielding abilities. Lamplighter will have a proper role in The Boys season 2.

Ezekiel (Shaun Benson) is a Christian Super public speaker. His power gives him the ability to stretch his body, similar to Plastic Man or Mr. Fantastic. While he publicly supports Christian values, Ezekiel is secretly gay and helped smuggle Compound V for Vought.

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Popclaw (Brittany Allen) is a Super and former member of Teenage Kix. In addition to having super strength, Popclaw got her superhero name due to the large claws that pop out of her forearms. She starred in many movies during her time as a Super but was later blacklisted. Popclaw eventually started dating A-Train and was forced to tell The Boys about Compound V, which resulted in A-Train killing her.

Doppelganger is a Super with the power to transform his body and take on the identity of anyone. Madelyn Stillwell (Elisabeth Shue) used him to blackmail a politician into supporting a bill for Supers to be part of the military. He has so far changed his identity to become a bartender to seduce the politician and later resembled Madelyn in a meeting with him.

Mesmer (Haley Joel Osment) is a former TV celebrity and member of Teenage Kix. His power allows him to read the mind and see memories of anyone he touches. This led to him being the star of his own TV show, The Mesmerizer. After helping The Boys, Mesmer turned on them and gave their identities to Homelander, which led to Butcher killing the Super in a bathroom.

Naqib (Krishan Dutt) is an Arabian Super who was created by Homelander to be a supervillain only he and The Seven could fight. He received his powers from Compound V as an adult and suddenly could create an explosion. Naqib used this power to blow up a CIA raid, although he walked out unscathed. He will return in The Boys season 2.

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Shockwave (Mishka Thébaud) is a Super and the second-fastest man on Earth. He challenged A-Trian to a race during The Boys season 1, which could've made him a member of The Seven if he won. Shockwave lost to a Compound V enhanced A-Train and remains the second-fastest man on the planet.

Gunpowder (Joel Gagne) is a Super from The Boys season 1. He is a member of Teenage Kix in the comics and is proficient with guns. Gunpowder was seen on the news during episode 2, discussing the Second Amendment.

Nubian Prince is one of Vought's city-specific heroes who was stationed in Detroit, Michigan. His powers are not known, but he appears to be a riff on Marvel's Black Panther. Stillwell attempts to relocate Nubian Prince to Baltimore during season 1, but the mayor of the city isn't willing to pay the contract. It appears Nubian Prince is instead relocated to Atlanta.

The Boys season 1 included confirmation that Drummer Boy exists in the TV world. He was the leader of the Young Americans in the comics and dated Starlight. The relationship with Starlight was confirmed to happen in The Boys, which she said lasted about a year.

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Big Game and Shout Out are members of Teenage Kix in the comics who are confirmed to be Supers in The Boys too. Big Game is bisexual and has had a relationship with Shout Out in the comics. Billy mentions both of them by name to Agent Susan Raynor as Supers he'd like to get files on during season 1. Big Game is super strong, while Shout Out has the power of flight and electricity.

Season 1 confirmed Crimson Countess is also a Super in this universe. Starlight mentions that Countess is likely going to get the open spot on The Seven, even though she is the one to get it. Countess has heat powers in the comics and was a member of the superteam Payback.

Tek Knight is confirmed to exist in The Boys too. The leader of Payback in the comics was mentioned by name during season 1 when a woman says he broke her back. He has no actual powers but instead is a Super thanks to the suit he wears, similar to Iron Man.

Victoria Neuman is technically a gender-flipped version of the comic book character Victor Neuman, but outside of the name, is quite different. While first appearing to be an ally of The Boys and enemy of Vought, the congresswoman is later revealed to be a Super herself, possessing the horrific power of causing other's heads to explode in a gory mess.

Referred to as "The Super Terrorist" in the media, Kenji Miyashiro is Kimiko's younger brother, and was also turned into a Super thanks to the Shining Light Liberation Army. Unlike Kimiko, Kenji eventually championed their cause, putting the two on opposite sides. Kenji's powers are telekinetic, but tied to his hands, so if they can be disabled, so can his powers. Kenji also possessed enhanced physical durability.

The Boys has also revealed a few other background Supers who exist in the series that aren't based on comic characters. One of the writers for Vought mentions that he dated a Super who froze during sex, causing his privates to freeze and shatter - Butcher identifies the Super as Ice Princess. There is also a female Super who has giant, angelic wings that performs at the Christian festival.

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