The Designer Jeans You're About to See on Every A-Lister

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The Designer Jeans You're About to See on Every A-Lister

Recently, The Cleo Bag has been Prada's coveted item du jour, but I have a feeling a new launch is about to rise to the top. Prada just debuted a denim collection that's 100% certified organic and sustainably produced. The line includes denim shorts, dresses, jackets, jeans, and even a cute bra top, all emblazoned with that ever-so-recognizable triangle logo. Considering how popular the brand is among celebrities—did you catch the Haim sisters' head-to-toe Prada looks at this year's Grammys?—it's only a matter of time before stars catch on to the new collection. 

"To maintain a high level of sustainability, the denim is dyed using the 'Acquasave' system, a type of dyeing where the water consumption is well below the standard, thus, allowing a saving of 10 liters of water for each linear meter of fabric," Prada said in a statement. The brand also explained that its organic cotton comes from farms with low environmental impacts and is free from pesticides and fertilizers. Scroll down to shop the new Prada organic denim line. 

Admit it: Your skinny jeans could use a break. 

These rolled-up jeans are perfect for wearing with sneakers. 

The designer item I never knew I needed. 

Layer this with a white tee underneath.

This medium wash is so versatile. 

Short shorts are a mainstay in my summer wardrobe. 

Denim jacket, but make it fashion. 

Bermuda shorts are perfect for staying cool without showing a lot of skin. 

This looks like a shirt but is actually a cute romper. 

This is giving me '90s vibes in the best way. 

This dress would look fantastic with a pair of high socks. 

I love roomy, oversize pieces for maximum comfort. 

I'd wear this shirt unbuttoned with a tank top and slouchy white jeans. 

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