The Full Moon In Virgo

Full Moon in Virgo + ritual

The Full Moon In Virgo

The Full Moon in Virgo occurs on February 27th. Uranus will be activated, awakening our deepest sentiments and letting us see situations from a different perspective. This luminary will help us rebuild confidence, gain clarity, access our feelings, and boost our self-acceptance. 

The Sabian Symbol for this luminary is “An Expressionist Painter At Work.” This means that we will craft a story or situation based on our feelings and interpretation, rather than facts or logic. We get to write the next chapter of our lives and create the narrative. This will also allow us to find peace within, as we are moving away from negative attachments and resentments (or at least trying to). The fixed star Felis will align with the Full Moon, urging us to be watchful and reflective. 

In order to access our deepest sentiments, we’ll have to detox and cleanse our energy. This will release old feelings that we’ve been holding onto. This Full Moon can heal, if we are ready to let go and change. Be gentle with yourselves and be open to new possibilities. 

*The Full Moon in Virgo occurs on February 27th at 12:17AM PDT and 3:17AM EDT. 

Full Moon Ritual: Cleansing Bath 


Fresh Water 

Half a bottle of florida water or kolonia 1800 vetiver

(if you cannot get these, half a bottle of rose water works too)

A fresh bunch of mint leaves 

3 dried bay leaves

White flower petals from 3 white flowers, I like carnations or baby's breathe

3 tsps coconut oil

3 tsps sea salt


In a large bowl combine your ingredients and let them sit for 1-3 hours. 

Then take a regular shower. 

Using a smaller white bowl, start to pour the bath over yourself from the shoulders down. 

Ask your spirit guides to help in removing negative energies from your path and to bring you protection.

Repeat every 3 weeks or as desired. 

You can dispose of the ingredients in the regular garbage if you want. Or place in a bag and throw away in nature (a park is considered nature).

You can make bigger batches if you want but remember to triple ingredients as the rule of 3 is a major part to play. 

If you want to make bigger batches to preserve I would recommend 4 parts water to 1 part vegetable glycerine which preserves herbs and flowers. If it smells bad toss and make a new batch

Source : The Hoodwitch More