The Kardashians Aren't Broke But Soon Could Be | Screen Rant

No, The Kardashian family is not going to go broke, but they may be headed down a troubling road thanks to their wild and outrageous spending.

The Kardashians Aren't Broke But Soon Could Be | Screen Rant

No, the Kardashians aren't going broke, but they may be headed down a troubling road. For some odd reason, fans are losing their minds at the thought of the fame mongering family losing their wealth.

Fans are starting to worry about the Kardashians' wealth and how they will function if they lose a giant portion of their income. Over the years, fans have watched as the family has grown more comfortable with their fame and luxury lifestyle. The family now comes across to most people as ostentatious and many wonder how they will sustain their opulent lifestyle during what is sure to be another recession.

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The idea that the entire family could be losing their fortune thanks to the coronavirus pandemic seems a bit farfetched especially since Forbes just names Kylie Jenner the youngest self-made billionaire for the second year in a row. But fans are prying deeper into the family lifestyle and wonder if they are just putting on a brave public face. It is not hard to see that the family TV show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, has lost ratings. Being a Kardashian comes with a hefty price and some are begging to question if the siblings have thought about making sacrifices as another worry is the simple fact that consumers are not buying products like makeup or shapewear during this predicament.

The family uses a daily staff to run their households as viewers have seen on their show, which includes multiple nanny’s, chefs, drivers, personal trainers, and glam squads. Fans even pointed out that most of the siblings own more than one property and hold numerous mortgages questioning if they will have to downsize soon. It is important to note that each sister uses their social media accounts to earn a living as well as have their own careers as Kendall Jenner is a model, Khloe Kardashian had her own jean line called Good American and Kourtney Kardashian has had many endorsements along with the show; but none of this is promised income when a bad economy hits.

We know the Kardashians were worth millions, thanks to BBC. Kylie tops the charts at one billion, Kim has $350 million, Khloe is worth $40 million Kourtney boasts a $35 million fortune, Kendall has $30 million and brother Rob owns $10 million thanks to his sock company. There is no telling what the pandemic has actually done to them. The show’s contract is up this year and there have already been rumors that it will be canceled. Will the Kardashians end up in the poor house or living on the side of the road holding signs that read "Will work for food?" Very doubtful. But there could be truth to the fact that the family will have to look into changing their spending habits. All we know for sure is they did not qualify for the government stimulus checks.

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