The Kitschy New Summer Trend Everyone's Already Wearing

It's just so cute.

The Kitschy New Summer Trend Everyone's Already Wearing

Summer trends are definitely hitting differently this year, as each of us have been spending more time apart than we have together. With that being the case, word of mouth and taking note of fresh styles on the streets is no longer a tangible means of identifying major trends. Instead, we are turning to social media (Instagram, in particular) to help us scout out the latest and greatest. Well, this trend we're about to dive into taps into both the sartorial and social world, and that is the butterfly. 

We have seen a massive rise in the popularity of the butterfly emoji as it pertains to everything from captions to Instagram filters. Just check out the fun graphic below for proof! That little blue butterfly had such an impact that it eventually was translated onto clothing, similar to how it did back in the early 2000s. This kitschy little trend has now been popping up on tank tops, jewelry, and even swimwear, and the fashion set has taken a clear liking to it. 

Ahead, follow along as I walk you through some of my favorite butterfly moments on Instagram so far, in addition to a handful of my must-have butterfly-adorned products. 

If you hate compliments, I suggest you don't buy this dress.

Take a cue from the '90s and stock up on butterfly baby tanks for summer 2020. 

This comfortable dress is proof loungewear doesn't have to be oversize and boring. 

This filter pretty much broke the Internet the second it launched with the likes of celebrities and influencers using it nonstop. 

Butterfly mesh tops are the new leopard-print mesh tops. Tell a friend. 

This little blue butterfly has crept its way into stagnant Instagram photos, Instagram bios, and of course, captions galore. 

Addison's delicate butterfly charm necklace is the perfect summer accessory to wear with everything from swimsuits to big T-shirts and sweatpants. 

One more butterfly filter pic for the cheap seats in the back! 

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